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Wanderlei Silva appears in front of NSAC after 'running from drug test,' lawyer blames wrist injury

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Wanderlei Silva's lawyer told the Nevada State Athletic Commission that he had suffered a wrist injury and was on drugs for it when he ran from a random drug test.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC

Wanderlei Silva went in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission today to discuss his recent drug test issues. Silva was pulled from his scheduled bout with Chael Sonnen after he refused to take a random drug test.

Sonnen stated on UFC Tonight that Silva had basically ran from the gym when the tester showed up. That sounded as though it may have been a bit of the usual dramatics on Sonnen's part, but the collector was at the NSAC hearing and backed the story, saying that when he attempted to get a sample at the gym, Silva ran out.

Silva's lawyer stated that the former PRIDE champion had suffered a wrist injury and was on anti-inflammatory medication as well as diuretics.

During the entirety of the hearing, Silva did not say a word. The commission thanked him for attending and stated that they had all the information they needed.

No verdict was rendered in terms of Silva's punishment, that will be decided at a later hearing. However, the expectation is that Silva will receive a full 12 month suspension.