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UFC 174 Video: Ali Bagautinov vows to return stronger from learning experience against Demetrious Johnson

Watch a post-fight video where Ali Bagautinov talks about what went wrong during his UFC 174 title fight against Demetrious Johnson.

Ali Bagautinov lost a tough fight against flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson at UFC 174, which snapped his 11-fight winning streak and handed him his first defeat in the Octagon. Shortly after their main event contest, the Sambo champion refused to give excuses for his performance, and simply vowed to improve from this learning experience.

He spoke to MMA Fighting about it:

"I will definitely watch the fight, look at the mistakes I made, and learn from these. I'll come back better, and do what I have to do to win my next fight. He didn't surprise me with anything. His speed and his strength was fine for me. It was a great experience for me, it was my first 5-round fight so I will learn a lot from my mistakes, improve, and get better next time around."

"I didn't pay attention on what the fight is, or how big it is. My main focus was the victory. I just didn't do enough"

"I feel like an athlete who lost today, but a real athlete is one that becomes stronger after a loss, who recuperates and comes back strong."

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