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UFC 174 results: Dana White says fans were losers in Arlovski vs. Schaub

Dana White doesn't care much for Brendan Schaub thinking that he deserved the win over Andrei Arlovski.

Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

Andrei Arlovski's return to the UFC was one of the more heavily anticipated moments of UFC 174. What once seemed like an impossibility was actually happening, Arlovski had rebounded from a string of brutal losses and pulled himself back to relevancy in a shallow division.

In Brendan Schaub he seemed to have an opponent who may provide a thrilling heavyweight scrap.

Instead, fans were treated to a brutal fight that saw two rounds of the men not engaging and Arlovski holding Schaub against the cage. In the third, Schaub turned it up, got a takedown and did some decent work from the top, but it was the only convincing round in the fight.

Arlovski would get the controversial split decision win, and Dana White didn't take too kindly to Schaub's objection to the scorecard.

Ariel Helwani tweeted after the event, "Dana to me for the post-fight show: 'for Brendan to think he won that fight is hysterical. The fans lost that one.'"

White seems pretty in touch with the fanbase on the entertainment aspects of the fight, at least.