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Puttin' in Work: Demetrious Johnson and the finer points of the double leg

At UFC 174, Demetroius Johnson faces Ali Bagautinov with the world flyweight title on the line. Coach Mike teams up with Edge wrestling again to discuss Johnson's favorite takedown, and the veritable cornucopia that is the double leg.

The double leg seems so simple. Many perceive it as little more than a football tackle. Perception and reality, however, are two different things. In truth, the double leg is an extremely complex and technical maneuver, and few fighters do it better than Demetrious Johnson.

For this episode of Puttin' in Work, I renew my partnership with the coaches of the Hoboken branch of the Edge School of Wrestling ( We touch on some of the various intricacies of the ordinary double leg: various finishes, how "Mighty Mouse" does it, and various considerations for using the double in mixed martial arts.

This Saturday Night (June 14, 2014), at UFC 174, Johnson's beautiful and lighting-quick double leg should be on full display against his opponent, Ali Bagautinov. Before you watch the fight though, watch this video so you understand what goes into this classic wrestling takedown.

And without further ado, it's time to put in some work.