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Nick Diaz has some advice for Anderson Silva: Hire a boxing coach, learn how to put punches out

The former Strikeforce champ has some advice for the man who may be his next opponent.

"I'll tell you what, I think he should fire his trainer and hire himself a boxing trainer that teaches him how to put punches out," Diaz told Fighthub. "I don't talk no s**t. I aint trying to talk no s**t. Of course he's got as many fights as he wants to have, but people saying s**t like, 'He should retire. He's not going to be the same.' I'm like, 'Fire your coach and get somebody to train your punches.'"

Diaz recently named Silva as one of a few men with a big enough name to lure him back into action. Calling it a fight he's wanted for a long time, Diaz considers the matchup with Silva to be 'potentially one of the biggest fights in MMA history.' While Diaz hasn't competed since his unsuccessful title challenge to Georges St-Pierre at UFC 158 last March, the 39-year-old Silva is recovering from a broken leg sustained in his rematch with middleweight champion Chris Weidman at UFC 168 in December. Both men are on two-fight losing skids.

"His last fight, he had punches for [Weidman], but he didn't have no punches," said Diaz. "Know what I'm sayin'? That was the key. Putting punches out there but [Silva] had no punches for that guy. So then he started lobbing kicks out there and you saw what happened to his leg. He didn't have no answer for it."

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Transcribed by MMA Fighting.