ClumsyPoll: Most EPIC KO punch.

Welcome to Clumsy Ninja's Corner. Let us discuss punches of doom.

Everyone knows one good punch can turn a fight. There have been some legendary knockouts in MMA and I'm curious where everyone is, on the most epic punch.


Andrei Arlovski was winning (on points) his bout with Fedor...winning until 3 minutes in, when having teep kicked Fedor against the ropes he decided to go for a flying knee. He was aiming for a highlight reel ending, and got one (although not in the way he'd hoped).

Fedor came off the ropes like swift justice and landed nature's perfect overhand right. A superfluous follow up hook sailed over the falling form of Arlovski who receded into the clutches of the canvas face first. As Fedor walked away across the ring doing his little fist pump of victory, Andrei lay there motionless, his eyes wide open as though wondering why the crowd all climbed up one wall, and musing on the cheers and how long it would take to repel back down.

This is my candidate for best mma punch of all time. No punch was ever more final, and few images more iconic than Arlovski daydreaming of flying knees, while Fedor walked off victorious. The suddenness of that victory was shocking, and memorable.

Please choose the closest one if I've missed your favorite. This is far from a complete list, obviously. Feel free to comment on why you have a favorite, or group of favorites.

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