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Miesha Tate defends Bryan Caraway's fish-hook at UFC Fight Night: Albuquerque

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Miesha Tate took to Facebook to speak to fans about how she feels regarding the controversial fish-hook technique that her boyfriend Bryan Caraway used in his fight with Erik Perez last weekend.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

UFC women's bantamweight Miesha Tate deals with a lot of flak from fans on a daily basis, as does her boyfriend and fellow UFc fighter Bryan Caraway. Caraway picked up what was likely the biggest win of his career last weekend over Erik Perez at UFC Fight Night: Albuquerque, but an illegal technique that he used during the bout has overshadowed the win to a degree. Caraway fish-hooked Perez in the first round of their fight before going on to finish the bout via submission in the second.

Due to the controversy, Tate decided to take to her Facebook fan page to make her feelings very clear on the subject:

All you idiots running your mouths about bryan FINISHING his fight via fishhook need to be slapped! First of all he accidentally fish hooked Goyo IN THE FIRST ROUND AND FINISHED THE FIGHT CLEAN IN THE 2nd ROUND!!!!!! Completely unrelated!! Furthermore you can 100% tell the fishhook was an accident BC goyo was able to TURN AWAY from the fishhook which means Bryan had absolutely NO pressure on it aka HE WASNT TRYING TO USE IT OR HE WOULD HAVE RIPPED GOYOS FACE TO THE LEFT INSTEAD OF WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED WHERE GOYO TURNED AWAY FROM THE FISHHOOK TO THE RIGHT. and SHAME on Bjpenn. com for a misleading title implying the fishhook had anything to do with the finish. Lastly, GOYO confirmed he DIDNT even realize the fishhook had happened which also confirms there was NO pressure on it or he would have known it had happened. Show me where the "Fishhook" is in the finish? Ya that's what I thought

UFC Fight Night results: Bryan Caraway def. Erik Perez via Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) R2 1:52

She also linked a video into the rant showing the rear naked choke finish.

I'm not sure why she has to type in CAPS SO MUCH, but does she have a point here folks?