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TUF Brazil Finale results: Warlley Alves, Antonio Carlos Jr. claim Ultimate Fighter crowns

Warlley Alves and Antonio Carlos Jr. are the UFC's latest Ultimate Fighters.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The Ultimate Figher show keeps chugging along, and the latest iteration was TUF Brazil 3. At the Finale, two new winners were to be decided - one at middleweight, the other at heavyweight. And the victors turned out to be Warlley Alves and Antonio Carlos Junior.

In the middleweight final, Alves was in complete control of his fight with Marcio Alexandre through two rounds, but he wasn't satisfied with that. Early in the third he peppered Alexandre with some strikes and latched on a guillotine. Alexandre went out faster than I think I've ever seen before in a guillotine, and Alves earned the victory at the 25 second mark of the final stanza.

In the heavyweight final, Carlos Jr. used a good grappling game to mostly control Vitor Miranda for the whole fight. Miranda refused a glove touch in the first and actually kicked Carlos Jr's leg in response to a request in the second. Unfortunately, that was about the most excitement he was able to muster as he was basically dominated on the ground by the 24-year-old fighter. The bout went all 15 minutes and "Shoe Face" won with two 30-27 scores and one 29-28 card.

All four of these guys will probably drop a weight division after this, and Carlos Jr. might actually drop two divisions to 185.