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Tim Kennedy considering a move down in weight class, says he’d be ‘faster at 170’

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UFC middleweight competitor Tim Kennedy joined the Joe Rogan Experience on Wednesday afternoon, where he discussed a variety of topics including where he stands in the 185lb division, and whether he may potentially move to welterweight.


Although Tim Kennedy is coming off one of the biggest wins of his MMA career against Michael Bisping, he is not certain whether he will remain in that division to reap the rewards.

The former Strikeforce middleweight champion recently joined The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he suggested that he may not be long for the division, and was contemplating a move down to welterweight had Robbie Lawler won the title at UFC 171.

"Definitely possible," Kennedy told Joe Rogan on Wednesday. "Honestly, had Robbie Lawler beat Johny Hendricks I would cut to fight Robbie. I think I'd have to be faster at 170. Watching these guys whoosh all over the place."

One of Kennedy's biggest issues with the current weight divisions in MMA is that the gaps between divisions are simply too large, and should be cut down to resemble the boxing model.

"You have 155, 170, 185 and 205. You have four weight classes from 155 to 205. That's crazy. "

Kennedy even suggested a potential 180lb weight class, which he admit would have been perfect for him.

"I think I'm kind of between 185 and 170. My shape, my reach, my height. I would love there to be a 180. That would be awesome for me."

Assuming he will remain at middleweight for the foreseeable future, Kennedy believes that he is "close" to a title shot, and that he deserves a match-up against either Vitor Belfort,  Ronaldo Souza, or even the winner between Mousasi and Munoz.

"I think I'm close, either. The next fight, whoever Joe Silva gives me. If it's Vitor Belfort, [Ronaldo Souza], that puts me right there. I'm No. 6. [If] I beat a No. 2-3 guy, that's a title fight. I'll be 4-0 in the UFC just beating a title eliminator. My last two fights have been five-round main events. I'm potentially one fight away.

"Mark Munoz and Gegard Mousasi are fighting. Could I potentially be fighting the winner of that fight? That's definitely in the realm, too. If that's the case maybe I am two fights away. If I cut down to 170 I don't think they'd let me fight for the title. I'd still be one fight away. Maybe two. So no, I don't think I'd be any closer."

Transcription take from's David St. Martinatch the full interview below: