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Glory 16 ratings report: 498K average, up 41% from last show

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Ratings are in for Glory 16 Denver. The show averaged 498,000 viewers on Spike TV, with a peak of 815,000. Get all the details here.

Errol Zimmerman vs Anderson Silva, Glory 16
Errol Zimmerman vs Anderson Silva, Glory 16
James Law, GLORY Sports International

Ratings are in for Glory 16 and the news is good. The show, which aired last Saturday May 3 from Denver, pulled an average rating of 498,000 viewers on Spike TV. The peak was 815,000 and came during the 10:00 p.m. quarter hour for the Pat Barry fight.

For Glory and Spike, this was a much needed number. The first three shows on Spike in 2013 drew 381,000; 476,000; and 659,000 each. That 659,000 number for Glory 13 Tokyo was the high mark for Glory so far. After that event, they took some time off and returned with two international shows on tape delay. Glory 14 was not as dynamic a card, and ratings indicated those issues, with a 495,000 average. Glory 15 again dipped down to 354,000 - their lowest since the Spike debut. This 498,000 number for Glory 16 shows a 41% increase over Glory 15. That's a great thing to see as it shows that Glory numbers are not simply on a downward spiral. This new number puts them slightly below Bellator, but at least in that general ballpark.

Next up for Glory will be a major moment for them from a business perspective as they attempt to branch into PPV with their Last Man Standing event. That event on June 21, preceded by Glory 17 live on Spike, will be one to watch closely in terms of audience.