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Matt Brown: ‘I don’t think anyone has put on fights as exciting as the ones I have put on’

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In the third and final part of’s interview with Matt Brown, the welterweight competitor discusses his upcoming main event against Erick Silva and why he believes he deserves the next title shot.


Not only is Matt Brown fighting hyped Brazilian Erick Silva in the main event on Saturday night, he is fighting to prove to his persistent doubters that he does deserve a title shot.

The longtime UFC welterweight competitor has been away from the octagon since his last win over Mike Pyle, which came in the form of a 29-second KO victory last August in Boston, Massachusetts. Since then, he was slotted to face former interim champion Carlos Condit but suffered a back injury a few weeks before UFC on FOX 9.

While Brown has put the injury behind him, he is no longer in the strategic position he was in last December as he is now facing a fighter far below him in the welterweight rankings. This does not bode well for his chances at claiming a title shot if he is successful on Saturday night.

"The Immortal" does not intend on looking past the Brazilian, but he is also not concerned about what Silva brings to the table. Instead, he's chosen to focus on simply improving all aspects of his game so he can put on a show for the crowd in attendance.

"I don't expect anything," Brown told "I worry about what I have to do to perform the best I can. I am not really concerned about what his plans are and what he is going to do. I am going to worry about making myself the best that I can be."

"Everyday I try and improve everything. That is the whole point of getting up and going to the gym-to improve things."

Just days away from his upcoming main event match-up, the Ohio native is focused on putting on a show and extending his winning streak to seven straight wins.  Brown has finished five of those six contests via KO/TKO and hopes for another emphatic performance to edge himself closer to a coveted title shot.

Not only does Brown believe that he holds the best winning streak in the division, he believes the quality of his victories should warrant a title shot as he has proven to be an exciting force in the division.

"I don't think anybody has the kind of streak that I have going," Brown said. "I don't think anyone has put on fights as exciting as the ones I have put on. I don't think any one has finished fights the way I have. I believe I have every right to be at the top, and the only argument is whether I have fought guys who are at a high level as those guys.

"I have won all the fights they put in front of me. I've never asked for anything different. I feel I have performed well enough to compare to other contenders performances and I should be considered for a title fight."

UFC Fight Night: Brown vs Silva takes place this Saturday night at the U.S. Bank Arena in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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