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Olympic Champ Henry Cejudo off of Legacy 31 card due to 'personal reasons'

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Top prospect Henry Cejudo will not fight for the Legacy FC Flyweight Championship on June 13 due to personal reasons. This make four straight fights where Cejudo has either failed to make weight, or show up at all.

Mike Stobe

2008 Olympic gold medalist in freestyle wrestling and undefeated mixed martial artist Henry Cejudo is now off the Legacy 31 card due to "personal reasons".

Legacy had Cejudo facing  UFC vet Damacio Page on June 13 for the Legacy Flyweight Championship. Now Roger Navaez and Woodbridge, Virginia native Bubba Bush will fight for the middleweight title in the main event. Page will now face Cejudo's last opponent, Elias Garcia.

If this were Cejudo's first time dropping out of a card, it wouldn't be particularly alarming, but this continues a long trend of unreliability on his part, going back to his preparation for the 2012 Olympic Team Trials in freestyle wrestling.

For the fourth Legacy fight in a row, Cejudo has had issues showing up at the scheduled time and at the contracted weight.  In 2013, he had to fight Ryan Hollis at a catchweight, he pulled out of fight last November with Saul Eliziondo, and he showed up heavy for his January win over Garcia.

Multiple times in the past, we have mentioned red flags which would lead to questions over Cejudo's focus on being the best combat athlete he could be. In addition to flakiness, Cejudo has seemed much more interested in activities outside of fighting, including multiple endorsements and self-improvement schemes.

If Cejudo's career continues down this alarming path it would mark a distinct missed opportunity for both mixed martial artists and wrestling. After all, his talent is undeniable, he's charismatic, a true Olympic champion, has a great story and should be very marketable to a Central American fanbase where MMA's supposed rival, boxing, reigns supreme.

We should all hope the Cejudo recaptures the mindset and consistency which made him successful in the first place, and that he can continue on to success as a prize fighter.