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Floyd Mayweather Sr. calls Marcos Maidana an 'MMA Fighter' who doesn't deserve credit

Following his son's bout, Floyd Mayweather Sr. rips Marcos Maidana by calling him an "MMA Fighter" and saying he doesn't deserve any credit.

This past weekend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. faced Marcos Maidana and took a majority decision where he looked less dominant than what we're accustomed to seeing from the top pound-for-pound boxer. While most pundits praised Maidana for performing above and beyond what people expected, Floyd Sr. has a different view, saying the challenger doesn't deserve any credit because he fought dirty.

Nowadays it's rare that being called an "MMA fighter" is something negative, but that's exactly what Mayweather Sr. did during his rant about Maidana. He spoke to HustleBoss about it:

"I think it was a superb, masterful boxer fighting an MMA fighter. He was an MMA fighter!"

"He hit him in the balls, he hit him all around, on his hips, hit him in the back of the head, head-butted his eye, and beat him in the back of the head. Man, c'mon. Maidana doesn't deserve (credit)."

"With all that stuff that Maidana did, hitting below the belt, twisting the arm, hitting behind the head, hitting him with the head and busting that eye, if I was Floyd, I wouldn't fight him again."

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