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Glory 16 video: Raymond Daniels KOs Francois Ambang with jumping spinning kick

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See Raymond Daniels' stunning knockout win from the Glory 16 prelims in Denver.

The Glory 16 preliminary card is currently running before the 9 PM ET main card airs on Spike TV, and fans in attendance have already witnessed a truly incredible knockout.

Do you like flashy, technically brilliant, exciting, and extremely violent knockouts? Of course you do! Why else did you click on the link?

Raymond Daniels fought Cameroon's Francois Ambang in Denver, in search of a 2nd win under the Glory banner. Not only did Daniels get it, he did it in superb fashion. At :21 in he catches Ambang with a right hand as they traded shots, and Ambang resumed fighting after the eight-count. Daniels then sealed the deal with an unbelievably flush jumping spinning kick to the face, which slumped Ambang against the ropes and then unconscious on his back. It's truly a highlight reel finish.

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