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OSMMA Review: UFC 10 - Mark Coleman destroys the tournament

"The Hammer" comes down hard, as Mark Coleman makes his MMA debut, along with the return of Don Frye and Gary Goodridge. Plus, "Tank" Abbott gets tickled by Jeff Blatnick, and Dan Severn attempts to defend his fight at UFC 9.

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The Old School MMA Review returns, as the ultimate test of skill vs will, of style and guile, of high-flyin' limousine ridin'... oh wait, I am channeling Ric Flair again. Welcome back to another episode of OSMMA, where The Fight Nerd and Zane Simon ramble about some classic mixed martial arts action.

This time, we head to Birmingham, Alabama to check out UFC 10 from July 1996, which brings back the eight-man one-night tournament format, and features the return of defending tournament champion Don Frye, runner-up Gary Goodridge, and the highly anticipated debut of "The Hammer" Mark Coleman. Plus, Tank Abbott and Dan Severn attack the commentary booth as "The Beast" tries to defend his performance at UFC 9 against Ken Shamrock, and Brian Johnston leaves an impression, along with John Campatella and Mark Hall. All this, and The Fight Nerd constantly making pro wrestling references with Zane shaking his head in disgust.

This review is broken up into two parts, with part one focused on the first half of the event and the first round of fights, and part two all about the semi-finals and final fights of UFC 10! Make sure to watch part two below:

If you are having trouble with the Ooyala Player, you can use this link to watch the Youtube version of Part 1 and Part 2!

You can buy the official UFC 10 DVD from Zuffa at this link here.