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Puttin' in Work, Episode 1: Daniel Cormier's step-around throw at UFC 173

In this, the premiere episode of Coach Mike's video series Puttin' in Work, we take a look at the step-around throw hit by Daniel Cormier on Dan Henderson in the first round of their UFC 173 bout.

Welcome to my new series Puttin' in Work- video analysis of the art of wrestling in MMA.

In this, the first episode, I analyze the step-around throw (also known as a "Polish" throw) Daniel Cormier hits on Dan Henderson in the first round of their fight in UFC 173.

As someone who has followed Cormier for more than a dozen years, it really fills me with joy to get to discuss him and his abilities with a wider audience. Getting to talk about him to MMA fans is almost like hearing my favorite song finally played on the radio, or favorite book made into a movie.

Now that he has made it down to light-heavyweight, we get to see more of that Cormier is really capable of, particularly in terms of his use of wrestling skills in the Octagon. Against Dan Henderson, Cormier showed total grappling superiority, and despite the boos of the crowd, I thought found his performance to be quite entertaining. Most eye-catching were some of his takedowns, especially the step-around throw he hit early in the fight.

And with that, I think it's time to put on our hardhats, and put in a little work...