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Dana White on Cormier awaiting title shot: ‘Those are always bad ideas’

UFC President Dana White spoke with Ariel Helwani following the UFC 173 event, where he discussed the newly crowned champion as well as why waiting for a title shot is a bad decision for Daniel Cormier.

Dana White is not sure that Daniel Cormier waiting for a title is the best decision for the undefeated contender.

After initially stating that Cormier would be next in line with a victory, the UFC President backtracked slightly post-UFC 173 when he was asked whether he would recommend that Cormier sit on the sidelines to await the winner between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson.

White stated that these decisions to sit on the sidelines were "always bad ideas" and could generally cost the challenger his title shot.

"Those are always bad ideas," White told Helwani after the fights. "When you think you want a layoff, somebody gets hurt - We'll see what happens, if he ends up fighting somebody else. But he is always down to fight.

"He looked great tonight. Some of the stuff he did."