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TJ Dillashaw to remain at Team Alpha Male but will ‘cross train’ with Duane Ludwig during his fight camps

Following his title win at UFC 173, TJ Dillashaw revealed that he will continue to ‘cross-train’ with Duane Ludwig while at Team Alpha Male.


T.J. Dillashaw has no intentions of parting ways with his head coach Duane Ludwig.

The Team Alpha Male product produced the performance of a lifetime on Saturday night, as he dominated Renan Barao en route to a fifth round TKO stoppage to become the new undisputed bantamweight champion. It was a staggering performance from a challenger who initially stepped into the octagon as a 7-1 underdog.

While "Bang" Ludwig's coaching tactics have clearly influenced the entire fight team during his one-year stay with Team Alpha Male, Dillashaw marks the first ever UFC champion in the team, which is a testament to his abilities as a coach.

Dillashaw is aware of this and revealed at the post-fight press conference that he intends on cross training with Ludwig and "making the best of both worlds."

"I'm going to continue training with team Alpha Male," Dillashaw said at the post-fight press conference. "But I'm gonna cross train with Duane. I'll go out and train with him when I'm out of camp, and will fly him in when I'm in camp. I'm going to work with Duane. He'll be in my corner. I plan on getting my blackbelt under the guy. He is a genius.

"I think it is making the best of both worlds. A new coach will come in and will watch me from there and I'll be able to get training from Duane. I've got to stay with Team Alpha Male. They've got me where I'm at. Best sparring partners you can get at my weight class."