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UFC 173 results: Renan Barao vs. T.J. Dillashaw full fight video highlights

Check out the video highlights of the shocking UFC 173 main event title fight between Renan Barao and T.J. Dillashaw.

T.J. Dillashaw shocked the world tonight with a completely dominant win over top P4P fighter Renan Barao to claim the UFC bantamweight title. The huge underdog nearly finished the fight in the first and was in complete control until the fifth, where he finally got the finish. He became the first Team Alpha Male fighter to claim a title in the UFC. Check out the video highlights of the fight above, and/or my play-by-play of the final two rounds below.

Round 4 - Dillashaw looked for a takedown right away but couldn't get it. More kicks from both men, but Dillashaw's were harder. Hard straight left from Dillashaw, and again. Dillashaw landed three hard shots, but Barao came back with a hard left hook. They clinched up for a while. Barao missed with a spinning back kick and went down. Dillashaw worked from the top. Barao looked for a leg lock but Dillashaw deftly avoided it. Couple of big elbows from TJ in Barao's guard. 10-9 Dillashaw.

Round 5 - Barao obviously needs a finish. Leg kicks from Dillashaw. Left hook to the chest from Barao. Right hook and left head kick from Dillashaw. Step-in jab and head kick! Straight left and Barao is down! Dillashaw pounded out! We have a new champion!