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UFC 175's Chael Sonnen not pleased with new role as fan favourite

Three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen discusses the recent role reversal with Brazilian fans following TUF: Brazil 3 and why he doesn’t like being the babyface.

Chael Sonnen is not happy with his new role as a fan favourite.

Three-time UFC title challenger recently finished his second stint on The Ultimate Fighter, this time in an international edition where he coached opposite Wanderlei Silva. With the season nearing its conclusion on television, the two competitors are scheduled to meet in a feature bout on the UFC 175 fight card in July, but with a slight role reversal this time around.

During his time on the show, Silva garnered a significant amount of heat from Brazilian fans for his unprofessional display in the now infamous "TUF: Brazil brawl," where he instigated an altercation with Sonnen. This would lead to a quick tussle between the two bitter rivals.

Sonnen appeared mildly disappointed with the Brazilian fans' support at UFC 175, as he clearly relished the role of the heel.

"I don't like it," Sonnen said at the UFC 175 press conference on Friday. "The Brazilians were my accomplices. I wanted to fight Anderson Silva and by the time that media tour was done, they wanted the same thing. I think eventually they got to that conclusion."

When asked whether he believed the Brazilian fans would stand against him come fight night, Silva confidently shrugged off the question and stated that he is certain he will have the support of the crowd.

"That's not true," Silva said through a translator. "I think the crowd is going to be behind me and on July 5th I'm going to take the win home."

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