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MMA on Instagram: Mustaches, Animals and more

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Welcome to another week in MMA on Instagram! MMA stalker Katie Winter has collected the best pics that UFC and other MMA fighters and personalities were sharing this week, and they're all right here for your viewing pleasure.

Anton Tabuena

Welcome to another week of MMA on Instagram. There is a lot of food this week and tons of pets and Erick Silva is back! Follow me on Instagram, look out for the Fight Week post tomorrow and enjoy the fights!

Alexander Gustafsson gets a coffee with Reza Madadi: "Coffe before training with my friend @rezamaddog"

Ali Bagautinov on a rock: "#ufc #ufc174 #ali #alibagautinov #bagautinov #puncher #puncherking #king #krepost #sambo #sambo70 #combatsambo #mma #fightnights #горы 22.05.2014 Нью-Мексико г Альбукерки 2700 метров над уровнем моря )"

Antonio Silva is ready to paddle board: "Big foot SUP time.... Remar um pouco no meu casco de navio rsrs.."

Brian Rogers got his hair done: "Today 1st @peachz216 then @hotbarber got me ready for #Cali ..10day adventure 1. #OrangeCounty 2. #LA 3. #sandiego 4. #orangecounty again should be fun ! #dreads #dreadhawk #mohawk"

Brittney Palmer looks lovely with no makeup: "Thanks to @ariannyceleste 's recommendation @skinlaundry have my face a nice refresh! Ready for this weekend! #ufc173 #skinlaundry #selfie"

Cain Velasquez and Luke Rockhold are ready to coach on TUF!: "Bringing out my inner Mexican coaching the Ultimate Fighter show Latin American with @officialcainvelasquez in Spanish I might add lol yes I'm the token white guy @ufc"

Chad Mendes had a good fishing day: "Caught some more big bass too! Hell of a weekend!!"

Chad Mendes also found a baby coyote: ""It was comin right for us!!" Haha"

Chris Camozzi, after a workout: "Chocolate milk, post workout of champions! @ufc @performancemma #fit"

Chris Weidman was on a flight with Ariel Helwani: "I'm starting to think @ChrisWeidmanUFC is stalking me."

Chris Weidman wishes a Happy Birthday to Ray Longo: "Happy birthday to Ray Longo! Extremely blessed to have Longo a part of my life for the last 6 years. He's been there for me through thick and thin and is "unequivocally" a one of a kind guy. I can truly say I would not have had the success Ive had without him by my side."

Court Mcgee tried to get to Canada: "Getting into Canada is like Mission impossible for a man with my history #ufcexperience Canada!"

Darren Cruickshank in a dog trainign suit: "Putting on the attack dog suit. About to get it in with a German Shepherd."

Dennis Bermudez does a twerky deadlift: "About 2 head over 2 @li_strength & pick stuff up & put it down w/ @laflaremma #Power #RDL #Strength #RoadTo7 #OperationMenace"

Donald Cerrone, Julie Kedzie, Isaac Vallie-Flagg and Jackson's coach Mike Valle at the Journey concert.: "Thank U @Budweiser and @MSundet for the great journey tix @IKEVF @julesk_fighter @Valle_Flow"

Elias Theodorou and his team in the shower: "The team that showers together, well, showers together... #fighterlife #Bromance #MMA #Boom #BangBang #UFC #TUF #Beastmode #Warbound #HeHe"

Erick Silva cuddling with a child. He looks good!: "Bom dia pessoal, pra ser sincero com vcs, cada dia mais feliz, em todos os aspectos... "

Erick Silva still has some bruises but overall his face looks just lovely: "Depois do almoço. Uma sobremesa top... Picolé de Whey da @time4br vcs tem que experimentar... #vamoquevamo #VidaSaudável"

Erick Silva with a child, a dog and a gun. I don't know.: "Hora de bagunça com eles #KalleuSilva e @logansilva_bulldogfrances "Hora de aproveitar cada momento..." #EueEle #EleMeRenova #CaraPorca"

Georges St-Pierre was out for his birthday with Criss Angel: "My friend @Crissangel took me out last night for my birthday. We had a blast!"

GSP stopped by Miguel Cotto's training camp: "Got to see my 2 coaches from Wildcard during Cotto's training camp."

Here's Burt Watson with Patrick Cote!: ""

Ilir Latifi and Alexander Gustafsson sparred: "Great sparring with My Viking friend @alexthemauler"

Joe Lauzon looks a little rough after training: "Thanks @Joey_Proctor. "fun" MMA rounds tonight. #mma #ufc #burn"

Jon Jones trolls: "But it was an accident"

Jon Jones trolls more: "I learned the eye gouge from the father of mma. #dirtiestfighterever #eyepokes #greatest #dirtiest #blackeye #redeye #captainhook #colombia #worldwide #brucelee #aintcheatingainttrying #favoritetechnique #gregtoldmeidgetfans #goodenoughforbrucegoodenoughforme #Bassaidimdirty #chucksmad #phillost #simethingforthehater"

Junior dos Santos has new hair!: "O remédio pra crescer cabelo ta funcionando em. O que vocês acham ? the medicine to grow hair is working well. What do you guys think?"

Kyle Noke, surfing with beer. Why do I think Donald Cerrone is somehow involved?: "If you're going to surf, you might as well have a beer in your hand. #SundayFunday"

Lyoto Machida trains: "Good training today with @jacobharman @kings_mma Bom treino Hoje!!"

Lyoto Machida works his booty (and other things): "Treino de força e condicionamento hoje! Power workout today! Getting that prime conditioning! #treinodeforça #powerworkout @gtnutritionusabrasil @gtnutritionusa #valeupelaparceria"

Matt Brown backstage with Five Finger Death Punch: "My man @zoltanbathory from Five Finger Death Punch. He is a gnarly BJJ player too!"

Michael Bisping and his groomsmen: "Here I am on my wedding day with my groomsmen."

Michael Bisping had fun in Vegas: "With the unmistakeable Dr Evil from Austin Powers at the weekend in Vegas lol"

Michelle Waterson's good hair: "Having a good hair day and thought I should share! Hehe have a great day everyone"

Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway with Steve Nash: "Met Steve Nash at the @SportsSpec charity event last night, what an awesome dude :)"

Natasha Wicks and Kyle Kingsbury on the way to Alaska: "Final Destination, Alaska"

Natasha Wicks is working on her wedding dress: "A $3K "something old"... #yesplease I'm going to have fun making my own dress"

Nick Newell makes a fashion statement: "The weathers starting to change! Time to bust or the tank tops & fanny packs #MensFashion #NewellsRules"

Patrick Cote in the happiest place on earth!: "Good time in Vegas with @vleby #vegas #monamigabi #Paris #bellagio"

Quinton Jackson with some visitors at Bellator 120: "Thanks 4 the surprise visit 2 Memphis 2 see me fight much love fam @WilmerValderrama @WValderrama @ZaneRayHoltz @ZaneHoltz love your new tv show btw Dusk till Dawn"

Rampage after his Bellator 120 fight: "Almost got away with out a scratch.. #warwounds"

Ricardo Almeida has an opinion about MMA judging: "Watch The Ultimate Fighter @ufc on @foxsports1 to see the Perfect Storm of refereeing and horrendous judging. I remember before every fight I coached at the show just looking around and thinking 'who are these people judging?'…there were some judges in there that you could just tell did not belong. Nevada hosts the biggest fights and most of the 'Ultimate Fighter' shows, they need to step up their game and follow Jersey's lead. How would you do judging a surfing contest? How would I do judging a synchronized swimming competition or Ice Skating? Judges don't need to be fighters but they need to be practitioners. #mma #judging #ufc"

Ronda Rousey and her sister with Sylvester Stallone in Cannes: "Me and my little sis Julia with the architect of #expendables Stallone (aka Barney) at the Vanity Fair party - thank you @armani and @official_swarovski for dressing me for the night :)"

Ronda Rousey on the red carpet in Cannes with Sylvester Stallone: "Walking onto the red carpet in Cannes with the #expendables3 crew - thank you De Grisogono for the jewelry :)"

Russell Doane lifts a dead body: "200 pound Dead body lifts. You know, in case one of you big bastards die and I gotta carry yo ass. #wagewar"

Shayna Baszler is in Oman: "8am in exotic Oman! Limited interwebz, but here I am! #afetour #queensarmy"

This was Tim Burke's cab when he was trying to leave Mexico: "Our taxi got a flat in Chapala. Half the town helped to change it."

Tito after a biz meeting: "Great meeting @mtv. Business in the works."

Mark Hunt Videos!

: "Star and I oceana topteam"

: "Oceana top team"

: "U didn't know bout gastric diareeee part of her stinky bum album out now folks"

Pet Pics!

Israel Martinez's dog supports Erik Perez: "@scrappystyle showing mad love and support for his homie @Goyito_perez! #GOYITOPOWER #june7 #ufcabq #valleflowstriking #teamjacksons"

Kyle Noke's dog supports Erik Perez, too!: "Arnold has #goyitopower just like his mate @scrappystyle @goyito_perez"

Bailey Kedzie is also supporting Goyito Perez: "@goyito_perez @kylenoke @izzystylewrestling Bailey has blind #goyitopower"

Akira Corassani's rescue pup!: "Ruby was abonndoned, found in a ditch in Alabama, sent to a kill house, pulled off deathrow, travelled thousands of miles to NYC, all within the first 12 weeks of her life... I'm very happy to drive her home and call her mine, spend awesome days together for the test of her life! :)"

Alexander Gustafsson's dog rolls in the grass. My sweet Bella used to do this!: "Ghost enjoys the beutiful weather #Orijensverige"

Alexander Gustafsson's pups at play: ""

Andrei Arlovski's dog, Maximus: "#mcm MAXIMUS CRUSH MONDAY!!!"

Another Nik Lentz dog: "Good old Laboon !! Not the smartest guy in the world, but he is pretty at least !!"

Court McGee's wife has a new duck buddy: "My wife's new little friend @chel_mcgee #duck"

Here's Rick hawn with his hairless kitten: "My hairless kitten, named after my fav singer, Maynard J Keenan @puscifer #russiandonskoy #maynardthecat"

Ilir Latifi's dog, Maximus: "Maximus the brave"

Joe Rogan got some new chickens: "Got a fresh group of baby egg layers for the Rogan farm"

Julie Kedzie's dog with Greg Jackson: "#dailybailey all smiles with her other best friend"

Leslie Smith and her dog at Home Depot: ""

Lorenz Larkin's dogs are sad he's leaving them: "They don't like me talking about leaving #vegasboundthursday #riverside951 #ufc @ufc @jonnybravo2k11"

Mochi Rousey: "Mochi is jealous of my new @jonnybones @nike frees.... Or she wants me to feed her breakfast.... Naw it's def shoe envy ;) #almosttooprettytowear"

Nik Lentz with his pup: "!! :)"

Nik Lentz's dog: "What'cha doing !!???"

Rick Hawn's hairless cat: "Little Maynard sleeping in his favorite spot! #hairlesscat #russiandonskoy #kitten"

Rose Namajunas's dog and boyfriend: "They're too cool @alienwaremma"

Steph Daniels's pretty kitties: "Kitty cuties"

Tioki pulls guard: "Me during my jiu-jitsu lesson today. #PullGuard"

Tyson Griffin's dogs fight over bathroom space: "My diva needs the bath more but apparently Brutus wants cleaned first and isn't getting out lol!!! I love that they love the bath now. Probably because they get a nice massage and not just soap and water splashed on them! #brutusandriya #dogsofig #dogs #mansbestfeiend #americanbulldog #bullmastiff"

Vinc Pichel's cat: "Split loves him some thumb in the ear hahaha #ThatLittlePawAintGonnaHelpYou"

Family Pics!

Baby Lauzon: "Rocking a hoody. #babylauzon"

Chris Clements's daughter has a new sandbox: "Averie's new sand box. Seemed like a good idea till it was time to come in the house"

Chris Clements's son is a good laugher: "Liam Thinks his mommy is really funny"

Court McGee and his son catch a nap: "My wife snuck in and took this picture! like father like son hahaha"

I think Vinny Magalhaes's son is learning to take a dive: ""

John Howard's son is getting ready for surgery again: "Surgery again tomorrow not looking forward to this"

Lil Duane Ludwig looking tough: ""

Machida children learning karate: "Domingo, aula de Karate infantil!Sunday Karate class for kids with @chinzomachida!"

Ronny Markes with his new baby: "Pai ta Xonado por você minha pequena RAYRA amo amo amo!!! @priscilamarkes Nossa boneca está linda amor..."

Ryan Bader's son's super stylish bathrobe and slippers: "Kanon's sweet after bath attire."

Steven Siler with his wife and new baby: "I think this is the best picture I've ever seen in my life. @Stevesiler , Mary, and Jaiden Siler"

Tito Ortiz took his boys to Universal Studio: "Great day @universalstud #HappyLife"

Vinny Magalhaes and his baby daughter: "Me and Nicole. :)"

Food Pics!

Anton Tabuena gave us food porn in addition to beach porn: "Stingray, Chili Sauce. #foodporn #kotakinabalu"

Braulio Estima fuels up: "Recharging. Recarregando."

Chris Clements grills out: "BBQ time with the family."

Cory Braiterman's dinner: "Chorizo, turkey bacon, onion, carrot, mushroom, garlic, cilantro, kidney beans with red rice and quinoa and some romano cheese"

David Mitchell's dinner looks good: "Bulletproof feast"

Elias Silverio's healthy food and fun plate: "Um pouco de carbo, proteína e Legumes! #dieta #com #pratoideal #ufcsp #sempre #junto #com #arsenacar"

Gleison Tibau is making…something: "Pó café da tarde :-) I love coffee Diet All natural"

Joe Rogan appreciates his chickens: "Post show meal: having chickens is cool as fuck"

Jon Jones's food in Colombia: "Paisa Maki Tray.. #ColombianCuisine"

Julianna Pena's guacamole: "HOkay seriously. I've been here two days in a row bc this place is so damn good! I've never had guacamole w pumpkin seeds and pomegranate seeds!! It is thee best guacamole I've ever had in my life and I've had some guacamole in my lifetime! Nothing tops @tacosandbeerop! w @MsTracyLee @freaksinatra @SIKJITSU #carneasadatacos #cornsalsa"

Louis Smolka has some macarons. I LOVE macarons.: "@bjjtek @linohaujewelry thanks for the macaroons guys, this was the best pic I could take before I started eating lol #latour #macaroons #hawaiielitemma"

Louis Smolka is making me jealous with this cheesecake: "Bout to finally dig into @kingeditor 's famous cheesecake, thanks again bro, this is gonna make me feel worlds better #blueberry #oreocrust #amazing"

Matt Roth observed Tim Kennedy eating BBQ: "The manliest man enjoying his barbecue"

Rener Gracie's acai bowl: "True love comes in many forms, I just prefer mine in a large Acai bowl! Thanks @evetorresgracie!"