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Ben Askren considering retirement after One FC deal, says he is going to ‘try and do it the right way’

Former Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren is pondering a potential retirement after he completes his One FC deal.

Ben Askren will ponder retirement when he nears the end of his One FC deal.

The former Bellator welterweight champion holds an undefeated 12-0 record in MMA competition, including nine consecutive wins in the Bellator cage. He defended his title on four separate occasions, including his most recent victory against Andrey Kreshokov at Bellator 97.

While Askren's record and dominance speak for themselves, he found himself released from Bellator following the conclusion of his contract. Following unsuccessful talks with the UFC, Askren signed with One FC, where he is scheduled to make his debut on Friday, May 30, against Bakhtiyar Abboasov.

"Funky" is only just beginning his One FC deal, but was not shy to discuss the possibility of retirement after completing his deal with Asian promotion.

"[Retirement] is definitely a possibility," Askren said on The MMA Hour. "My two things I always said was 1) I would be retired by the time I had my first kid. 2) I'd be retired by the time I'm 30.  I had my first kid and I'm not done yet, and I'm turning 30 later this year. So those two landmarks that I have set for myself I'm passing by. I still train at a very high level. I still compete at a very high level."

While Askren is uncertain about what the future holds, he has no intention of outstaying his welcome in the sport.

"Obviously everyone knows it is hard to hang it up, but I'm definitely going to try and do it the right way and no like how combat athletes have done and hold on too long for every last fleeting moment.

"I don't want to be one of those people."