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Luke Rockhold posts x-ray of broken toe, says he will be 'good as new' in a few weeks

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UFC middleweight Luke Rockhold posted an x-ray of his broken toe, and revealed that he will be as "good as new" in a few weeks.

Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Following his UFC 172 victory over Tim Boetsch, Luke Rockhold suggested that he might have broken his toe during the short encounter. He confirmed this on Thursday afternoon, when he posted the x-ray on his social media network.

"Toes, fingers, back, neck as long as it's not my ears I'll survive! Clean brake, few more weeks and I'll be good as new." Rockhold stated on his Instagram account.

Luke thoroughly outclassed Boetsch in their octagon outing, as he quickly locked on a reverse triangle before isolating Tim's arm and finishing his with a slick Kimura. Rockhold is now 2-1 under the UFC banner, with two consecutive first-round stoppages since the start of 2014.