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Renzo Gracie arrested following alleged brawl with NYC nightclub bouncers

Renzo and Igor Gracie were arrested following a brawl at a New York City nightclub that sent a bouncer to the hospital.

Renzo Gracie, alongside cousin Igor Gracie, ended up in jail Sunday night following an alleged brawl at a New York City nightclub. The video above shows some of the action after the brawl ended. The brotastic cameraman drops some NSFW language.

Sherdog acquired that video and spoke to sources who described the incident:

According to the witness, Gracie arrived at the club in a group of approximately seven men and immediately went to the front of the line.

Gracie then became involved in a confrontation with what the witness described as the doorman. Things escalated from there, as Gracie’s group allegedly squared off with a group of 1-Oak bouncers. According to the witness, Gracie at one point had the doorman in full mount, while another one of his group hit a different bouncer with a construction cone.

The fracas spilled into the street, with more punches being thrown. Eventually the police arrived and arrested everyone in Gracie’s party, while an ambulance came for the bouncer who had been mounted by Gracie, according to the witness. It was unclear as to why Gracie and his group were originally upset.

Sherdog was unable to acquire specifics on the charges Gracie faces at this time.


Marc Raimondi of has reported that Renzo and Igor Gracie, along with five other people have been charged with 2nd degree gang assault. By law in the State of New York any assault that causes injury that was aided by two or more individuals is classified as a "gang assault". These charges could result in up to 15 years in prison for all involved.

The Gracies were released of $10,000 bail last night.


Marc Raimondi tweeted out that the charges have been reduced to misdemeanor assault with intent to cause injury, which carries a fine and maximum jail time of one year.