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Travis Browne: Overeem’s supposed antics are ‘not going to fly’ at Jackson’s MMA

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UFC heavyweight Travis Browne discusses Alistair Overeem’s move to Jackson’s MMA, and the problems the Dutchman will encounter if does not improve his attitude in the gym.

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Travis Browne has made his opinion very clear: either Alistair Overeem changes his attitude, or he won't last at Jackson's MMA.

The UFC heavyweight stated that Overeem would not have the privilege to do his own training separately from the remainder of the team, as he did with the Blackzilians. If he attempted to do that, he would not last very long with the team.

"When he comes to Jackson's, the stuff that all his other teammates were saying that he did is not going to fly at Jackson's," Browne said on The MMA Hour. "He will not have an opportunity to even let it get that far. Like, if he says, ‘oh hey, Coach, I'm going to bring in my own guys and work out at night,' Coach Jackson would be like, ‘you can either train with the team or you can leave.'"

The issue does not lie simply with Overeem, as it was his gym that catered to him and allowed him to implement his own personal training methods instead of teamwork. Browne says that this approach is simply "not going to fly" at his new home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"I feel like a lot of people, because he's Alistair Overeem, have catered to him," Browne said. "I feel like the Blackzilians probably catered to him so he got used to it and he felt like he was going to be able to throw his weight around a little bit.

"At Jackson's, that's not going to fly. You're either part of the team or you're not. If you're not part of the team, get the hell out of here. We don't need you here. We didn't ask you to come here. You asked to come here, you see something here that you need. So you're either part of the team, or leave."

Overeem recently came under heat when his former teammate Gibert Burns revealed that Overeem seemingly left the camp because he injured Guto Inocente during a sparing practice. It will be interesting to see how this controversial figure with do at Jackson's.

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