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BE Advanced Class: BJJ Scout Looks at Michelle Nicolini's Shin-on-Shin Guard

The Shin-on-Shin sweep has become more and more common, but few people are teaching it right now. The BJJ Scout breaks down the cutting edge of sport Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The sitting guard is one of the positions that doesn't really exist in MMA but is vital to a sport grappling game. An answer to an opponent standing up uncontrolled, the sitting guard is a quickly evolving position. One of the on going developments is the use of shin-on-shin sweeps. While these sweeps are getting more common, there really aren't instructional videos on them.

Lucky for us the BJJ Scout has done some leg work here and put together a fantastic two part break down of Michelle Nicolini's use of these sweeps. If you are a grappler and don't follow BJJ Scout on Facebook or follow the YouTube channel you are living your life incorrectly and should feel bad.

Below is part two and enjoy touching up your sitting guard!

BJJ Scout: Michelle Nicolini Guard Study Part 2: Shin/Spider Lever (via BJJSCOUT)

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