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Bjorn Rebney bashes current UFC PPVs: 'I wouldn’t watch that'

It's no secret that the UFC has been watering down the mix with their current run of PPV offerings. It's also a critical talking point for the Bellator CEO after their first trip to pay-to-watch fighting.


With Bellator's first PPV in the books and tentative plans to start running two or three similar shows per year, it makes sense that Bjorn Rebney would have a lot to say about the current PPV landscape. More particularly, a lot to say about the current UFC PPV offerings and how they stack up, especially in comparison with past cards. Rebney spoke to MMAJunkie and had some less than kind words about the UFC's recent schedule and the less than stellar PPV cards that have resulted.

“I used to watch the UFC years ago, and I used to buy pay-per-views when they were significant and every pay-per-view had big fights on it, but that’s not the case anymore,” Rebney told MMAjunkie. “They do one every three weeks, and some of them, I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t watch that if it was on (FOX Sports 1).’”

Rebney may be engaging in a bit of hyperbole here, but with cards like UFC 161 in the not too distant past, it's hard to say that he doesn't have some footing to stand on. A busier schedule than ever has meant that the UFC has been more and more dependent on top talent being healthy enough to headline planned events. When they're not, bad things can happen. Taken on it's own Rebney is on firm footing. Not every UFC PPV is super strong and deep. Whether that's a problem that Bellator can avoid down the line, is another matter entirely.

“My feeling is you should do pay-per-views when you can do huge depth on the pre-show on Spike and huge depth open the pay-per-view, and we did that tonight. And when we have the opportunity to do it again, whether it’s sometime later this fall to next year – whenever it is – we’ll do it again.”