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Bellator Rampage vs King Mo - Kid Nate's Bathrobe Review

Kid Nate looks back at last night's Bellator PPV debut with lots of bonus ranting about what he's calling "the most important MMA event so far this year."

So much to think about regarding Bellator's PPV debut that I couldn't resist doing a Bathrobe Review. There are commentaries on most of the bouts but mostly it's disjointed ranting about the show and its various implications.

Topics touched on:

  • What an entertaining show! $35 well spent but....
  • Where do they go from here? None of the bouts lead to anything particularly enticing for a follow up.
  • Rampage, King Mo and Tito are all well past their prime but still A list entertainers. What's next?
  • The most interesting narrative is Bjorn Rebney vs Eddie Alvarez, Bjorn Rebney vs King Mo, what's that say for the organization's long term prospects?
  • How Bellator is mimicking the worst aspects of UFC's genera-bland marketing approach. What they need is more Pride, more Strikeforce, less "Guys Fighting!"

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