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Bjorn Rebney thinks King Mo's Bellator PPV rant was result of 'some people' getting in Mo's head

Bjorn Rebney tries to explain away Muhammad Lawal's rant and the end of the Bellator 120 PPV as a result of "some people" getting in King Mo's head and giving him misinformation.

Bjorn Rebney was not spoken of favorably by Bellator 120 headliner "King Mo" Muhammed Lawal, both during the Spike TV prelim broadcast when an interview was cut off after Lawal said of his fight against Quinton jackson "I came out here to beat Rampage and stop all the dick riding Bjorn be doing."

It continued after Lawal was seemingly robbed by the judges, as he said "Bjorn, you know what's up man. Your dick riding ass. You know I won that fucking fight, you smiling and shit."

Luke Thomas caught up with Rebney after the fight and Bjorn said that he and Lawal had "squashed it" and blamed the always mysterious "people" for getting in the fighter's head:

I think some people got in Mo's head and got Mo very amped up in a very emotional setting where he lost a fight and got him very, very excited and got him to say things that he didn't mean. I had an opportunity to go down and talk to him and I just had a heart-to-heart with him, I've known Mo for years, and I said 'look, we've and I have worked through a lot of stuff, you've had some devasating losses here, you've had some great wins here, we set this thing up...and I don't know what you're talking about.'

You know what I mean? I promoted this fight as hard as I could promote the fight. I tried to give as much kudos to Mo as I possibly could, I said he's had the greatest camp he's ever had at American Top Team, he's never looked better. It's going to be wrestler versus striker. Obviously Rampage is not going to look to take Mo down, as a world class wrestler, one of the greatest American wrestlers of the last decade and a half. So, I said what I thought the fight would be.

And Mo came to me downstairs and said, 'Well, I heard you said said that.' And I said, 'from me on tape? or from other people who said something?' And he said, 'from other people who told me."

So I said, 'you and I used to text each other three, four times a week. Come to me. Ask me about it. And if I said it I would tell you I said it and try to defend it and if it cost us our relationship it would. But it didn't. And that's a lie and you've been fed bad information."

And he said, 'Alright, if you're telling me that, I believe it.' and that's how we squashed it. Mo's a wicked...I'm crazy about Mo. I love his personality, I love what he's brought to the organization, I love that he was the first real big name guy that we signed away from somebody else...

Rebney went on to explain that he didn't know what the next step for Jackson will be, but that a rematch with Lawal could be in the cards.