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Muhammed Lawal concerned about ‘slippery’ Bellator canvas

Following his controversial decision loss to Quinton Jackson on Saturday night, ‘King Mo’ revealed that he has not been pleased with Bellator’s “slippery” canvas.

‘King Mo' has concerns regarding the Bellator MMA canvas, which he considers to be "slippery."

Muhammed Lawal, a former Strikeforce light-heavyweight champion, lost the tournament final against Quinton Jackson in the main event of Bellator 120 in Memphis. While the decision was unanimous for ‘Rampage,' it was one that is considered controversial because many fans and pundits scored it for Lawal.

When asked to detail his issues with the main event,  Lawal started by mentioning the "slippery" canvas that Bellator employs.

"I knew I could stand and bang with him [Rampage] but I am not comfortable standing on that canvas," Lawal told after the post-fight conference. "I was slipping and sliding. He was slipping and sliding but he caught me with a couple of good shots. Other than that, he ain't touch me with nothing.

"Granted I could have let my hands go a little more but I just felt slippery. I don't know what it it. I've had this problem with Bellator since my first fight. All my fights I've slipped. I don't know what it is, maybe the canvas. I don't know but I don't feel comfortable.

"I think it has something to do with the canvas."

Lawal elaborated on his comments further and explained that his main issue with his inability to correctly plant his feet and maintain balance in the Bellator cage.

"When I want to throw punches, I feel like I am sliding or skating. I'll be slipping and sometime I just go with it. Sometimes if he throws a punch I'll roll with it because when I plant and come back I don't feel where I'm going."