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Bellator 120: Jackson vs. Lawal live results and play-by-play for PPV main card

Keep up with all the Bellator 120 action here at Bloody Elbow with live results, analysis, and play-by-play. The night's main event features a highly anticipated rivalry match between Light Heavyweights Rampage Jackson and King Mo Lawal.

Esther Lin

Bellator 120: Rampage vs. King Mo goes down tonight with the promotion's first venture into the PPV business. The main event sees former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion Quinton "Rampage" Jackson against former Strikeforce champ Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. In the co-main event, Michael Chandler will take on Will Brooks for the interim Lightweight title as the undisputed champ Eddie Alvarez is out with an injury. Another former UFC icon in Tito Ortiz will make his promotional debut against Bellator's Middleweight champion Alexander Shlemenko.

Throughout the event, Bloody Elbow will provide you with live results, analysis, and play-by-play. This post will cover the entire PPV main card beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET (7 p.m. PT).

Bellator 120 Main Card

Quinton Jackson vs. Muhammed Lawal -- Light-Heavyweight Tournament Finals

Round 1: King Mo vaults out of his corner with a takedown and gets it. Rampage closes his guard with double overhooks and Mo passes when he does, but Rampage takes a knee and stands a moment later. Mo stays connected to a single leg and picks the ankle to complete it. Nary a strike from Mo on top thus far. Mo lands a knee as Rampage gets one foot underneath him, then lands several short knees to the thigh.

As soon as Rampage stands, King Mo snatches his legs out from underneath him again. Back-ride now for Mo with no hooks in, and it allows Rampage to stand, and he finally shakes King Mo off and separates with a little over a minute left. Rampage whiffs on a big left hook. They exchange jabs. Rampage in a very low stance while walking King Mo down. Body kick from Mo. 10-9 King Mo.

Round 2: King Mo catches Rampage low with a kick but Rampage shrugs it off, glances with an uppercut and lands the left hook. More classic Rampage on his next flurry, clubbing with a right hand and head-hunting with his left hook. The left hook has left its mark on King Mo's right eye, though it doesn't seem to affect him. King Mo changes levels and can't make anything happen, but holds a body lock to land more knees to the thigh.

Rampage separates, looking for a right uppercut but pulling it. Mo pulls the trigger on a nice combo to slow Rampage's forward movement, then telegraphs a flying knee that misses. Rampage lands flush with a right hook and uppercut to close the frame. 10-9 Rampage.

Round 3: Rampage shuts down Mo's first takedown attempt and unleashes some counter-fire. Left hook again from Rampage. King Mo clinches and drops down for a single leg and once again picks the ankle to complete the takedown with the clock approaching the three-minute mark. Rampage goes feet on hips, then tries to spin out but King Mo takes his back. Rampage stands anyway, turns into Mo and breaks the hold.

A nasty right uppercut whizzes past Lawal's lowered head. Mo has a shot stuffed but resets and springs another. No dice, but Mo stays connected on the fence until Big John McCarthy steps in with just over 30 seconds on the clock. Rampage scores with an uppercut/hook combo and chips away with more rights until the horn sounds. Gotta go 10-10 here: Rampage's striking, while occurring less often than Mo's control, was much more effective. That leaves my card even at 29-29.

  • Quinton "Rampage" Jackson defeats Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)

Will Brooks vs. Michael Chandler -- for Interim Bellator Lightweight title

Round 1: Chandler pressures Brooks from the onset, backs him up to the fence and nails a double leg takedown. Chandler postures up with a few punches until Brooks looks to elevate his hips in half butterfly guard, and gets free with it. They joust on the feet briefly before Chandler repeats the process by pinning Brooks on the fence and hoisting him with a powerful double leg. Brooks goes to a closed guard with good posture control, limiting Chandler's ability to level heavy strikes. The former champ still clips him with a few short punches and forearms that increase in volume and intensity as the round wanes. 10-9 Chandler.

Round 2: Chandler walks up on Brooks with more tight lefts to set up a takedown attempt, but Brooks is able to resist it by retracting his hips and pushing the head down. Brooks starts to work his rangy kicking game for a spell but another explosive level change from Chandler puts him back down. Brooks sits up against the cage but Chandler has his legs trapped to prevent the cage walk.

Chandler uses wrist control to peel Brooks off the fence and again has to fight off the left butterfly hook to avoid another escape. Chandler gets ballsy with a risky jump to full mount and Brooks squirts out and counters with a takedown, then squirms into back control while pursuing the choke. Chandler quickly spins out to regain top control. 10-10, as Brooks mounted the most effective offense and was closer to finish despite being controlled for the bulk of the round.

Round 3: Brooks holds his ground and goes on the hunt to start the round until a looping left from Chandler chills him out. Brooks stays tangled with Chandler and tries to make something happen from the front headlock, but can't. Brooks is still glued to Chandler and again hits a beautiful back-take in a scramble, but this time cinches on a body triangle to prevent Chandler from spinning out.

Chandler tries to slide out and Brooks again preys opportunistically by taking full mount and slamming shots to Chandler's head, causing some damage. Chandler powers out of the position but takes a heap of punishment in the process. Back on the feet, Brooks is all over Chandler again: he ties up then steps away to ping Chandler with a left hand, an elbow and a left high kick. A dominant round from the underdog. 10-8 Brooks.

Round 4: Brooks has some spring in his step as he easily shucks off Chandler's early single-leg attempt. Brooks changes levels as Chandler's coming forward and nails a huge power double, again taking Chandler's back. Without the body triangle, Chandler is able to spin out and Brooks closes his guard. Good posture control from Brooks, who complains to the ref about something off his back.

Chandler is active with short rights in full guard but the ref sees it as a lack of action and stands them up. Brooks dings Chandler with a right hand and powers him to the fence with a vice-like front headlock, but lands an illegal knee to the head as Chandler had placed one hand on the mat. Chandler takes a few to recover and they restart with 50 seconds left. Left high kick from Brooks, who stuffs another takedown and teleports into back control, closing the round fishing for a rear-naked choke. 10-9 Brooks.

Round 5: Chandler gets stuffed on his first takedown attempt but comes up lively with a few left hooks. Chandler times a takedown on Brooks' kick and catches the leg but can't finish due to Brooks balance. He switches to a single leg and gets Brooks down but he scrambles free almost immediately. Chandler shoots lazily and Brooks side-steps it, then holds Chandler's head on the cage and lands an elbow.

Brooks slips around to the rear waist cinch on the next collision and heaves Chandler overhead with a killer belly-to-back suplex. Chandler counters nicely with an ankle pick and uses it to turn Brooks into the fence with two minutes left. Brooks is back up and Chandler stays on in a double leg, then again switches to a low single. Brooks slips his foot out but eats a big right hand back on the feet that might have wobbled him. Chandler pounces and gets in arm-triangle position, and looks to have it cinched. Brooks stays patient and survives. 10-9 Chandler for the late push. I have it 48-47 Brooks.

  • Will Brooks defeats Michael Chandler by split decision (48-47 x 2, 47-48)

Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko

Round 1: Shlemenko anticipates Ortiz's first shot and easily sprawls, landing a left kick on his way out. The size disparity here is almost comical. They play cat and mouse until Ortiz clinches up with Shlemenko, drags him down with the body lock and almost gets back control. Shlemenko rolls out of danger but directly into an arm-triangle from Ortiz, who turns his hips counter-clockwise to tighten the choke, and Shlemenko goes to sleep.

  • Tito Ortiz defeats Alexander Shlemenko by technical submission (arm triangle), Round 1

Blagoi Ivanov vs. Alexander Volkov - Heavyweight Tournament Finals

Round 1: Blagoi is able to wade into range, landing a straight and overhand left before sandwiching Volkov on the fence with an underhook. Almost a full minute passes with little excitement as Volkov fights for wrist control to keep Ivanov from body locking him. Halfway through the round, Ivanov stabilizes with some breathing room and lands two body knees to Ivanov's one.

Ivanov seeks the body lock again but lets it go to free up a left hand that lands to the head, and it's followed by a clean right. Volkov again gathers his balance and fires a knee to the midsection, and they separate shortly after. Volkov loosens a three-piece combo and closes it with a kick, then repeats a similar version on the next exchange. Volkov's lengthy flurries start backing Ivanov up as the frame closes. Tight round in which I give Ivanov a slight edge. 10-9 Ivanov.

Round 2: Ivanov's eye is dotted up to start the second, and he shoots a somewhat sluggish and telegraphed single leg. In a flash, Volkov teleports to back control during a scramble and cinches on a rear-naked choke to notch a rather shocking submission win.

  • Alexander Volkov defeats Blagoi Ivanov by submission (rear-naked choke), Round 1

Michael Page vs. Ricky Rainey -- Welterweight Feature fight

Round 1: Rainey comes out fearless and in chase mode, engaging Page furiously with takedown attempts and wild punches. It's more effective than it sounds, forcing Page to shuck him off and get on his bike in a hurry. Page stays on the trigger judiciously while evading and lands a few shots -- Rainey settles in at a normal pace and Page's showmanship kicks into high gear.

The freestyle kickboxing champion cuts a rug with some fancy footwork, throws a few look-away punches, literally fixes his gaze away from Rainey, and then does some poppin' and lockin' in the center of the cage with a short outburst of breakdancing. Just picture an MMA version of Dave Chappelle's And-1 parody skits. There's a mixture of cheers, gasps and boos from the crowd with the latter outweighing all others. Then Page gets serious, discharging a thoroughly impressive amalgam of violence with his hands, leaping in and out of range with blistering hooks and uppercuts before canning Rainey with a right hand.

  • Michael Page defeats Ricky Rainey by KO (punch), Round 1