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BE Advanced Class: Cradle Defense to a Single Leg

ISWA Coach Kris Iatskevich shows a defense to a single leg and a kneebar attack at a coaching clinic at NY Combat Sambo.

It is another No Gi Advanced class here a BE, and we are featuring a video from a special event that took place in early May at New York Combat Sambo.

The International Submission Wrestling Alliance (ISWA) held a coaching clinic at NY Combat Sambo and coach Kris Iatskevich was there to teach a few techniques. Iatskevich hails from Canada, and has been at the heart of some controversy with members of the Catch Wrestling community, but he has earned respect in many grappling circles through his rock solid technical knowledge. The ISWA is spearheading attempts to revive Catch as Catch Can Wrestling as a competitive sport and practiced grappling style.

Iatskevich here teaches a single leg defense with a kneebar follow up. He is looking to get his YouTube channel going, so it is worth keeping an eye on.

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