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Eddie Alvarez laughs at Michael Chandler fighting for 'sh**ty belt' that 'means nothing'

Bellator Lightweight champ Eddie Alvarez was a guest on The MMA Hour yesterday and he mocked rival Michael Chandler as well as discussing the head injury that forced him to withdraw from their Bellator 120 bout.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

Eddie Alvarez was all set to headline Bellator's pay-per-view debut when he suffered a concussion in training at the Blackzillians camp in Florida and had to pull out of the third bout of his already legendary trilogy with rival Michael Chandler.

Alvarez had some words of consolation for Chandler on yesterday's MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, "It's laughable," he said. "He's angry because I beat him and I'm the champion, and he has to fight for a sh---y belt that adds up to nothing. He can say whatever he wants to say."

Alvarez was responding to Chandler's questioning on a previous MMA Hour whether or not Alvarez actually wanted to continue fighting professionally.

Chandler will face Will Brooks on the Bellator PPV which will now be headlined by Quinton "Rampage" Jackson vs. Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal. Previously Alvarez was to have faced Chandler on a Bellator PPV headlined by Jackson vs. Tito Ortiz but that even was moved to Spike TV when Ortiz injured his neck in training.

It is widely believed that Alvarez' contract mandates that his final fight for Bellator take place on PPV, a condition imposed when Bellator exercised its right to match an offer from the UFC that guaranteed Alvarez a PPV appearance.

Alvarez also talked about the concussion he suffered in training:

"Me and Abel Trujillo were wrestling. I shot in, he defended like with a hip check, sort of hit me, and I just remember feeling like it was a significant blow. Well, we just kept wrestling and kept going, and there was a couple of exchanges later, I had a separate partner. I had a single-leg, and they pulled out of the single-leg and their heel hit me underneath my chin, and that was only about two or three minutes later after I shot on Abel. So, it was a series of significant hits that I took.

"Kenny Monday's wrestling practice is pretty intense. You normally feel exhausted and dizzy after regardless, so I didn't know whether just to take it that I was feeling the symptoms because I took a hard shot or I was just tired and exhausted from practice.

"So, I went home, I rested, and when I came in the next day my head was feeling pressure when I got like really light impact. And then the following day, Friday, it got even worse. So I needed to call [my manager] Glenn [Robinson] and let him know what was going on. That's sort of what happened."

Presumably Bellator will have to book Alvarez for another bout on a future PPV.

Here's the video of Eddie on the MMA Hour: