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Erick Silva says that he let people down, promises to be back soon

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Silva stated his sadness in social media after being defeated by Matt Brown in the main event of UFC Fight Night: Brown vs. Silva.

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Erick Silva used his Twitter account (@ErickSilvaMMA) to comment his performance at UFC Fight Night: Brown vs. Silva. The Brazilian welterweight expressed his sorrow following the TKO loss in the main event of the card promoted last Saturday night in Cincinnati. Despite the result, he was awarded with $50,000 because of the Fight of the Night bonus gave to him and Matt Brown by the UFC.

At first, I would like to thank the people that supported me and stopped by to watch the fight, I know that I let them down. I have no excuses, I know that I'm behind these tough guys but I will always accept fighting regardless of the opponent or my possible win or loss. I know that many will criticize but I'll not give up and I'll be back soon. Thank you all.

After the punishment applied for Brown, Silva was taken to a hospital but nothing serious was diagnosed and he was released to travel back to Brazil on Sunday. Although the result wasn't which he expected, Dana White and Brown praised his effort in the fight.