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Erick Silva receives 'clean bill of health' after leaving Octagon on stretcher

Following his loss to Matt Brown on Saturday night night, Erick Silva left the Octagon on a stretcher and headed to a Cincinnati hospital to be checked for a possible broken jaw and a concussion

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

When UFC president Dana White announced that Erick Silva was going to receive a bonus of $50,000 for his Fight of the Night effort against Matt Brown during Saturday's UFC Fight Night main event, Silva was not on hand to thank White. Instead, Silva was on his way to a Cincinnati hospital.

From the start it was evident that the fight was not destined to go the scheduled five rounds. Silva hurt Brown early with a body shot, but the ever-resilient "Immortal" bounced back to take control of the fight. Brown blasted Silva with every weapon in his arsenal, landing punches, kicks, elbows and knees. If it was available to strike with, Brown threw it - and landed it on Silva during the course of the fight.

When the end came at the 2:11 mark of Round 3, Brown had attempted a total of 213 strikes and landed 161 of them. As Brown celebrated his seventh consecutive victory with the UFC, the medical staff on hand at the U.S. Bank Arena attended to the damaged Silva.

Silva was eventually removed from the Octagon on a stretcher, and at the post-fight press conference White reported that the Brazilian fighter was being checked for "a concussion and a possible fractured jaw."

When asked about his opponent Brown said of Silva, "I can't say nothing but good things about him, man. That was a pretty amazing performance on his part too, at leas in terms of being able to catch me cold and put me down, and then be able to withstand more punishment than anybody else ever withstood from me before."

On Sunday morning White reported on Silva's status, tweeting:

Saturday's loss marked the second time in three fights that the 29-year-old Silva was stopped by knockout or TKO.