Top Prospects to Watch this Weekend

Here are some of the better prospects in action this weekend.

RFA - 11 Apr - Cheyenne, WY


Raoni Barcelos (7-0) vs. Mark Dickman (8-1)

Age: 28 Age: 29

Height: 5'6 Height: 5'9

Barcelos represented Brazil at the 2009 Freestyle wrestling world championships, and many other tournaments over the years. He was never a threat to the best in the world, but he has very strong wrestling base that you can see when he hits his double leg. To complement his wrestling he has also continually worked at his BJJ game over the years, and is a black belt in BJJ as well.

Barcelos vs. Herdy


Matt Manzanares (6-2) vs. Junior Maranhao (9-2)

Age: 27

Height: 5'5

Maranhao steps in for Leandro Higo, one of the best prospects in MMA who is currently having issues getting his visa straightened out. He has won seven in a row Manzanares gets a 2nd shot at the RFA FLW title, he lost a five round decision to Zach Makovsky for the belt back in November. He has an extensive amateur boxing background before transitioning to MMA.

Maranhao vs. Milton

Cage Warriors FC - 12 Apr - Swansea, Wales


Brett Johns (8-0) vs. James Brum (14-2)

Age: 22 Age: 26

Height: 5'7 Height: 5'6

Johns will defend his CWFC FW title, in a fight that was originally scheduled for late last year. Brum is now training with Team Alpha Male and has won eight in a row, but seven of those have been by decision. Johns is a Judo black belt, who has been involved in martial arts for most of his life.

Circuito Talent MMA - 12 Apr - Valinhos, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Davi Ramos (3-0) vs. Claudiere Freitas (10-10)

Age: 27

Height: 5'8

Ramos is a past Brazilian No-Gi grappling champion who has been very successful on the international BJJ stage.

Ramos vs. Monson No-Gi grappling

Battle for the Border 3 - 12 Apr - Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada


Smealinho Rama (7-1) vs. Tony Lopez (33-14)

Age: 21

Height: 6'1

Rama fought for WSOF: Canada where he defeated Steve Mocco, but is apparently not tied to WSOF as he now fighting outside of the promotion again.

Rama vs Hudson

Nitrix Champion Fight - 13 Apr - Joinville, Santa Catarina, Brazil


Sheymon Moraes (5-0) vs. Felipe Alves (14-13)

Age: 23

Height: 5'7

Moraes is a Team Nogueira fighter with an extensive and impressive Muay Thai background. He has over 60 wins in his Muay Thai career, with many of them coming in Thailand. He did not have a MMA fight in 2013, due to some injuries, but was able to compete in Muay Thai several times. Patrick Wyman had him at 10th in his Searching for Future Champions series.

Moraes vs. Nobre

Review from last week: It is weekends like the last one that make me not worry about UFC diluting its product with too many card. Young talent is out there, and on its way. Just in the last two weeks we have seen numerous fighters that UFC could sign today to help add quality depth to the roster. Tybura, Gafurov, Holm, Borg, Ishii, Duquesnoy, Scope, Pacheco, Nunes, Almedia, and Lasota.

M-1 - 4 Apr - Orenburg, Russia


Marcin Tybura (10-0) defeated Maro Perak (23-3-1) by 3rd round TKO.


Marat Gafurov (9-0) picked up a UD over Lee Morrison (13-4) to retain the M-1 FW title.


Ramazan Emeev (11-2) vs. Andrei Semenov (34-9-2) was cancelled.

Legacy FC - 4 Apr - Albuquerque, NM

BW (F)

Holly Holm (7-0) added to her highlight reel with a head kick KO over Juliana Werner (7-4).


Ray Borg (6-0) stamped his spot as a FLW to keep a very close eye on with a big win over Nick Urso (7-2). At 20 years old, Borg looks to have a bright future in this growing division.


Kamarudeen Usman (4-1) picked up a 3rd round TKO over Lenny Lovato (8-3)

Inoki Genome Federation - 5 Apr - 2014


Satoshi Ishii (12-2-1) scored a UD over Philip de Fries (10-4)

Guram Gugenishvili (12-2) picked up his first win since 2011, with a quick TKO over Tony Bonello (16-3-1).

I'd be very interested to see if IGF tries to make Ishii vs. Guram down the road.

BAMMA - 5 Apr - London, England


Tom Duquesnoy (9-1) submitted Teddy Violet (8-1) with a Triangle Choke in the 2nd round.


Ryan Scope (9-0) picked up a UD over Ali Arish (20-3) to break Arish's nine fight winning streak.


Gzim Selmani (4-1) needed only 18 seconds to submit UFC veteran Oli Thompson.

IRFA - 5 Apr - Solna, Sweden


Oskar Piechota (4-0-1) submitted Sadibou Sy (1-1) in the 2nd round.

Jungle Fight - 5 Apr - Sao Paulo, Brazil


Larissa Pacheco (10-0) used a 3rd Triangle to defeated Lizianne Silveira (2-1) and retain her Jungle Fight BW(F) title.

Pro FC - 6 Apr - Rostov-on-don, Russia


Max Nunes (13-1) scored a 1st round TKO over Boris Miroshnichenko (11-7)

I'm not perfect, if I've missed a prospect let me know in the comments section.

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