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Emerson holds McCall ‘indirectly’ responsible for Shane del Rosario’s death

In his Bellator 116 pre-fight interview, Rob Emerson makes a shocking revelation regarding his belief that UFC flyweight Ian McCall was indirectly responsible for Shane del Rosario's death.


What started off as a standard interview soon turned into something far more astonishing.

Speaking with, Rob Emerson, who is scheduled to compete on the Bellator 116 fight card this Friday, revealed that he holds UFC flyweight competitor Ian McCall indirectly responsible for the death of his friend Shane del Rosario.

"He knows I don't like him. It is a very personal thing I have against him. I hold him responsible for a lot of the stuff that happened to Shane, indirectly.  I have a deep-seeded dislike for that kid." Emerson said in the pre-fight interview.

Rosario, who died tragically on December 9th, 2013, was an active UFC heavyweight competitor with a 0-2 record with the promotion, and had a scheduled fight against Guto Inocente set for UFC 168. Following his death, the drug toxicology showed that he had recently used cocaine and opiates. However, the immediate causes of death listed were anoxic encephalopathy, ventricular fibrillation and Long QT Syndrome

It was McCall who had found Del Rosario unconscious on November 26 in their shared apartment.