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UFC insurance to cover GSP's surgery despite 'frozen' contract status

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UFC president, Dana White says GSP will reap the benefits of the company's fighter insurance policy when he has surgery this week.

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Georges St. Pierre first set tongues wagging after he took an extended leave of absence following a controversial decision win over Johny Hendricks late last year. Since then, Hendricks has gone on to win the UFC welterweight title and GSP has gone back and forth with the UFC over a variety of issues, PED testing being the foremost.

It seemed that things were reaching a resolution when Dana White stated that St. Pierre would definitely be back in the Octagon later this year. Then, the unthinkable happened. Georges reported that he had torn his right ACL during a training session. This is the same injury he had a few years back that kept him fro action for 19 months. The only difference is that injury was to his left knee.

UFC president, Dana White recently told MMA Junkie that the company insurance would be footing the bill for the surgery, even though Georges' contract is in a frozen state.

We have health insurance for the guy. It should be covered even if the contract is frozen. He's still under contract; he's still a UFC fighter.

White went on to say that he hadn't spoken to St. Pierre since he announced the injury, but sympathized with his plight.

I haven't spoken to GSP. He blew his ACL, and last time he blew his ACL he was out for a year and two months. So that's no fun for him.

One of St. Pierre's management team, Rudolphe Beaulieu confirmed that the surgery will be covered by the UFC's fighter insurance plan.