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Kyra Gracie hopes to fight for the UFC following pregnancy and childbirth

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The five-time jiu-jitsu world champion and three-time ADCC winner is taking this year off from competition to have a baby but once she's recovered from child-birth she hopes to compete in MMA and fight in the UFC.

Esther Lin

Kyra Gracie spoke to Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting about her future plans. Here's what the legendary grappler had to say:

"I'm pregnant, so I won't be able to compete this year. I've accomplished all my goals in jiu-jitsu. Competing at the Mundial or ADCC is not in my plans. I only visualize the possibility of returning to jiu-jitsu in a superfight.

"My will to fight MMA is bigger than returning to jiu-jitsu competition," she added. "That would demand more dedication that I will be able to have in the next months. My only concern now is with my child, a new Gracie to the family.

"Fighting (MMA) will never leave my plans," she said. "The natural path is to fight in smaller promotions, gain experience and then enter the UFC. That's how I would like it to be.

"Many athletes become mothers and can return to competition in the highest level. I will stay focused on my child for a while because I want to enjoy the pregnancy as much as I can. Even away from the hard training in MMA and jiu-jitsu for a while, I will do my best to maintain my pregnancy with the welfare of an athlete.

"I will continue with physical activities and good nutrition, it will certainly help me to return as soon as possible. Like all women in any profession, I will live the life of a mother and the life of a fighter. I just need some time to adjust it."

Gracie would be expected to make an immediate impact in the women's Strawweight division (115lbs).