This is the second set in a series of my all time MMA Rankings. This series is simply meant to spark discussion about community views on the careers of some of the greatest fighters of all time.


1. Anderson Silva

UFC MW Champion with 10 defenses; Unified UFC MW and Pride WW Championships; Most UFC Championship Defenses; Most Victories in UFC Championship Fights; Most Wins in UFC; Most Consecutive Wins in UFC; Most Finishes in UFC; 25-5 at MW (+) with a DQ loss; 16 fight winning streak; victories over Newton, Horn, Franklin (2x), Marquardt, Henderson, Griffin, Sonnen (2x), Belfort, and Okami

2. Kazushi Sakuraba

13-4 (1) at the end of 2001; 24-11-1 (2) after KO loss to Manhoef with a controversial loss to Royce Gracie; winning streaks of 9 and 4; victories over Newton, Belfort, Mezger, Royce Gracie, Rampage, and Randleman

3. Rickson Gracie

11-0; Early MMA legend

4. Jake Shields

5-0-1 at MW; victories over Okami (175), Menne (175), Lawler, and Henderson

5. Dan Henderson

Pride WW Champion; Pride WW GP Champion; 9-3 at MW with additional victories over Newton, Bustamante, Belfort, and Franklin at LHW; 7 fight MW winning streak; victories over Bustamante, Misaki, and Bisping

6. Murilo Bustamante

UFC MW Champion with 1 defense; 9-1-1 at the end of 2001; 7 fight winning streak; victories over Bohlander, Menne, and Lindland

7. Vitor Belfort

5-1 at MW with additional victories over Henderson and Franklin at LHW; victories over Lindland and Bisping

8. Rich Franklin

UFC MW Champion with 2 defenses; 29-7 (1); winning streaks of 14 and 8; victories over Tanner (2x) and Okami

9. Evan Tanner

UFC MW Champion; 32-6 at the end of 2006; winning streaks of 13, 6, and 4 (3x); victories over Herring and Lawler

10. Chris Weidman

UFC MW Champion with 1 defense; 11-0; victories over Anderson Silva (2x)

11. Paulo Filho

WEC MW Champion with 1 defense; 16-0 at the end of 2007; victories over Kondo, MIsaki, and Sonnen

12. Gegard Mousasi

34-4-2; winning streaks of 15, 8, 6, and 5; victories over Lombard, Souza, and Sobral

13. Chael Sonnen

unoffical WEC MW Champion; 28-14-1; winning streaks of 6 and 5 (2x); victories over Fihlo, Okami, Marquardt, and Bisping

14. Ronaldo Souza

19-3 (1); winning streaks of 10, 5, and 4; victories over Lindland, Lawler, and Okami

15. Robbie Lawler

22-10 (1); winning streaks of 7 and 5; victories over Vitale (2x), Lindland, Trigg, and Koscheck (170)

16. Matt Lindland

21-6 after KO loss to Belfort with a SD loss to Rampage; winning streak of 7 (2x); victories over Almeida, Militech, Vitale, and Horn

17. Frank Trigg

21-9; winning streaks of 7 and 4; victories over Misaki and Vitale

18. Falaniko Vitale

30-10; winning streaks of 7, 5, 4 (2x), victories over Lindland, Menne, and Okami

19. Dave Menne

UFC MW Champion; 40-12-2 at the end of 2005; winning streaks of 14, 5 (3x), and 4; victories over Landi-Jons and Newton

20. Yushin Okami

29-8; winning streak of 6 (3x); victories over Tanner, Marquardt, and Lombard

21. Hector Lombard

34-4-1; winning streaks of 24 and 5; victories over Vitale, Marquardt (170), and Shields (170)

22. Ricardo Almeida

King of Pancrase MW Champion; 11-2 at MW; 7 fight winning streak; victories over Misaki and Marquardt

23. Nate Marquardt

(3x) King of Pancrase MW Champion with 4 defenses; King of Pancrase MW Tournament Champion; 30-10-2 at MW; winning streak of 6 (3x); victories over MIsaki (2x), Horn, and Kampmann

24. Kazuo Misaki

Pride WW GP Champion; 25-11-2 (1); winning streaks of 5 and 4; victory over Henderson; draw with Shields

25. Michael Bisping

24-5 with a SD loss to Evans; winning streaks of 14 and 4

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