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Bellator 115: Minakov vs. Kongo live results, streaming video, play by play

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Bloody Elbow has top to bottom coverage of tonight's Bellator 115: Minakov vs. Kongo fight card.

Join us tonight on Bloody Elbow for live results, streaming video, discussion and play by play of Bellator 115: Minakov vs. Kongo. The headliner is newly christened heavyweight champion Vitaly Minakov making his first title defense against former UFC heavyweight stalwart Cheick Kongo.

The main card begins on Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET and the preliminary card will stream live and free on and right here on Bloody Elbow. Feel free to peruse the Bellator 115 video preview with thoughts and analysis on the card from Dallas and Zane, and keep your eyes peeled for Bellator 115 results and gifs after the show ends.

***We're live on Spike TV. Fight results descend below.***

Bellator 115 (Spike TV at 9:00 p.m. ET)

Vitaly Minakov vs. Cheick Kongo - Bellator Heavyweight championship

R1: Minakov comes out with the overhand right/kick to the cup combination. Herb Dean sees it and we pause while Kongo tries to inconspicuously nurture his genitals. Minakov crowds Kongo on the restart but the Frenchman's straight right steers the Russian back. Minakov drops his head and knifes into the clinch, hitting an inside trip with underhooks. Kongo tries to cage walk with a full, open guard and Minakov gets a body lock from the top to stop it.

Kongo posts an arm to stand up and Minakov rises up with a nasty sequence of short right hands. Kongo takes a knee and eats another stiff shot to the pills just as he stands back up, this time via a knee. He folds over and Minakov lands another hard knee to the face before Herb Dean steps in. Kongo takes a seat and resumes the aforementioned genital nurturing. Dean takes one point for the second foul. Kongo throws the 1-2-3 and lands the last pair clean, snapping Minakov's head back. Kongo comes in too aggressively and gets dropped by a Minakov right hand, who then pounces and sits back for a leg lock. Kongo defends and they hang out in the 50/50 guard. Kongo maneuvers for a heel hook but Minakov rolls away from it. Minakov sits forward and gets on top in half guard, throwing lefts. 9-9 Minakov with the point deduction.

R2: Kongo declines the glove touch. Minakov forces Kongo into a corner but it's Kongo who changes levels and snares the takedown. Minakov creates space with half-butterfly guard and stands back up, then circles off the fence. Kongo throws two short knees to the body; Minakov responds with one of his own. Kongo motions that the knee landed low again and Herb Dean disagrees, but debates it for a moment with Kongo. Kongo lands two nice straight lefts, then a right body kick.

Minakov throws a kick and a right hand on his way into the clinch but Kongo pushes him away and lands a straight right. Minakov clubs Kongo at with a spinning back-fist close range the Frenchman looks to be stunned while wobbling backwards. Kongo plays possum after a Minakov right hand and heaves a big right when Minakov presses in. Minakov takes Kongo down and transitions to back control. Kongo rolls out and ends the round on his feet. 10-9 Minakov.

R3: Kongo uncorks a laser-straight right hand that lands, then pressures Minakov into reverse with short and heavy rights. Minakov changes levels and hits a takedown, using Kongo's forward momentum against him. Minakov hooks Kongo's left leg to prevent the cage walk and buries his head in his chest. Kongo over-hooks Minakov's right arm and gets wrist control on his left for some adequate defense.

Herb Dean urges Minakov to work and he does, sitting up with alternating left/right hooks. Kongo sits forward and snares a counter single-leg takedown. Kongo with a knee to the body as Minakov leans back on the fence in guard. Kongo given multiple warnings for grabbing the shorts. Kongo ties up Minakov's legs as the Russian goes behind him and crotch-cradles for a brilliant sweep. Minakov lands in crucifix position and hammers down elbows. 10-9 Minakov.

R4: Kongo stuffs Minakov's takedown with underhooks and hits a counter throw. Minakov turtles with wrist control to keep Kongo's hands occupied while he's standing up, but Kongo puts him right back down. Dean warns Kongo for the fourth or fifth time for grabbing the shorts. Kongo sits up in half guard and drops some heavy elbows to the thigh as Minakov urges the ref by crying, "Shorts!" Herb Dean steps in and tells Kongo it's his last warning. Minakov complains again and Herb tells him he's not grabbing the shorts.

Minakov reaches inside the leg for a switch but Kongo cinches both of his knees, picks up his lower half and drops the Russian back down. Kongo keeps the legs cinched while Minakov tries to scramble free to no avail. Kongo overhooks the head and lands more short elbows to the thigh and ribs. Herb stands them up with 12 seconds left and an exhausted Minakov eats a hands-free knee to the body, then hits an inside trip at the bell. 10-9 Kongo.

R5: Minakov drags Kongo down to start the final round. Kongo holds onto a body locks to control Minakov's posture. Minakov stays active with lefts to the body. Minakov triangles Kongo's trapped leg in half guard and throws right hands, looking to punch enough to avoid a stand up. Chopping left hands to the body from Minakov.

Minakov steps into full mount with two minutes left and fires down right hands. Minakov cradles Kongo's head and gets into arm-triangle position, but lets it go in order to posture up with more ground and pound. Kongo can't shake his hips loose and ends up throwing strikes from the bottom in a futile attempt at balancing the scales. Short left elbows from Minakov, who will finish the round on top. 10-9 Minakov for a 48-46 his way on my card.

  • Vitaly Minakov defeats Cheick Kongo by unanimous decision (48-46 x 3)

Justin Baesman vs. Herman Terrado

R1: Terrado shrinks the gap quickly and clinches up with Baesman, getting the body lock, Terrado nearly sneaks behind for the waist cinch but Baesman puts his own back on the fence to prevent it. Terrado relents on the body lock long enough to fire off an elbow, but then goes right back to it. Terrado backs out and throws an up-knee and nearly loses his footing. Baesman advances and Terrado gets him down this time from the clinch.

Baesman is back up in a flash and throws a knee downstairs from the double collar tie, then puts Terrado on the fence in the clinch. Terrado pivots out and shoots but Baesman's front head lock to guillotine attempt forces him to back off. Terrado uses the extra space well and explodes after Baesman's hips, gets the takedown and teleports to full mount. Baesman spins out and ends up with Terrado on his back with both hips in, landing strikes. Baesman rolls into full mount and bumps Terrado's hips for a nice sweep, but it's too late. 10-9 Terrado.

R2: Terrado comes out winging wide hooks with both hands. Baesman lands a low kick but eats a few counter-shots for his efforts. Baesman plasters Terrado with a straight, jumping switch kick and then swarms with punches. Terrado clinches up to slow the pace and nearly gets the rear waist lock, and Baesman scrambles with good speed and takes Terrado's back, though no hooks are in.

Terrado dives on a foot lock and Baesman nearly counters with a straight armbar after defending it, then cracks Terrado with a kick, a knee downstairs and more punches. Baesman jumps on Terrado and lands in full guard, throwing tight elbows to the head. Now Baesman postures up and drops a series of heavy blows as Terrado swivels his hips for an armbar. Baesman stays on the trigger and pounds Terrado's face with a vicious sequence of downward elbows. Referee Jason Herzog calls for action and Terrado attempts another armbar to show he's with it, 10-8 Baesman.

R3: Terrado comes out behind a torrent of heavy hooks. He walks Baesman down with three or four monstrous combinations that land with a loud thud even when blocked. Baesman throws a spinning back fist and Terrado almost ducks under with a takedown but Baesman spins free.Jack-hammer right hand and a big knee to the body from Terrado.

Baesman throws a beautiful spinning roundhouse kick, pastes Terrado with a one-two and then dives on a body lock, hitting a takedown from the rear waist cinch. Terrado hits a kimura sweep and then traps Baesman with both legs while adjusting into armbar position with two minutes left. He flattens Baesman out and drops back with the hold locked but doesn't extend his hips on the armbar -- Baesman refuses to tap and spins free, revving up the crowd as he gets back to his feet. Terrado is exhausted in the last 90 seconds and Baesman attacks, then Terrado unhinges another volley of big shots and wisely hits a takedown to ride out the round on top. 10-9 Terrado for a 28-28 draw on my card.

  • One judge sees it 29-28 for Terrado while the other have it even at 28-28 for a majority draw

Kelly Anundson vs. Volkan Oezdemir

R1: They trade leg kicks and Anundson has his leg swept out. He's back up quickly, throwing two single-strike attacks and then pulling Oezdemir down from the body lock. Oezdemir is back up but Anundson holds on to the body lock and this time lifts Oezdemir off his feet with a throw. Anundson sneaks around to Oezdemir's back as he's standing up, grabs a single leg when Oezdemir spins out of it and again lifts him skyward for a body lock takedown.

Oezdemir's back up and content to throw body knees rather than pummel under to free himself of the body lock. And Anundson puts him down again for it. And this cycle of takedown/stand up/takedown repeats two more times. 10-9 Anundson.

R2: Anundson goes back to the body lock and hits an early takedown. He's able to hold top position for a spell and goes to the rear waist lock as Oezdemir stands, then barrels him over with another body lock throw. Now Anundson grabs a kimura and wrenches it behind Oezdemir's back, but he wriggles free with a pained look on his face. Anundson stays on him and takes back control in the transition, then vice-locks Oezdemir's head and forces a tapout via neck crank.

  • Kelly Anundson defeats Volkan Oezdemir by submission (neck crank), Round 2

Johnny Cisneros vs. Mikkel Parlo

R1: Parlo opens with consecutive leg kicks but gets clinched up with Cisneros when he follows up with his hands. Parlo circles off the fence, changes levels and secures a double-leg takedown. Cisneros hits an angle, takes an knee and powers his way back to his feet, but he's greeted with a hail of short punches from Parlo. Cisneros returns fire with a blazing combo that backs up Parlo up.

Parlo changes levels and hits another takedown, but Cisneros labors back to the standing position again. Parlo holds him on the fence with the single collar tie and throws short punches, but again it's Cisneros who uncorks a combo to shift the tide. Parlo drops down and snares another double leg, this time moving to Cisneros' back as he stands up. Cisneros spins out of it and lets his hands go and Parlo swallows the distance by knifing inside for another takedown. Parlo puts Cisneros on his back and lands a few punches before the latter gets back to his feet. Parlo throws a one-two and closes it with an overhand right before tying up again. 10-9 Parlo.

R2: More busy kicks from Parlo to open the second. Cisneros cracks Parlo with a short, tight combo, ducks under the counter-fire and lifts Parlo up for a slam takedown. There's too much room and Parlo hops right back up and proceeds to put Cisneros on his back. Parlo pulls Cisneros' legs to keep him off the fence and establishes strong position. Parlo powers his way into full mount and then takes Cisneros' back, looking to snake in both hooks and a rear-naked choke simultaneously.

Cisneros spins onto his back to alleviate the choke and does a decent job of wing blocking and controlling Parlo's posture with double under-hooks amidst the downpour of ground and pound. Parlo maintains mount until the bell sounds and was busy on top with strikes; literally zero offense from Cisneros after the early takedown and flurry. 10-8 Parlo.

R3: Parlo sticks with what's working and fights hard to wrest Cisneros off his feet from the clinch. Parlo hops on Cisneros' back as he spins out to escape; Cisneros spins onto his back again in half guard. Parlo looks to trap Cisneros' right arm for the crucifix position as the crowd, equating the attempt with stalling, starts to boo. Parlo gets another back mount as Cisnero tries to roll out and then they revert back to the half guard position.

Parlo inches into full mount and is perhaps overly patient in securing a strong base, but postures up and loosens a barrage of downward blows for the final ten seconds. 10-8 Parlo. I have it 30-25 his way.

  • Mikkel Parlo defeats Johnny Cisneros by unanimous decision (30-27 x 3)

Preliminary Card (Bloody Elbow at approx. 7:00 p.m. ET)

Rudy Morales defeats Jimmy Jones by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)
Rick Reeves
defeats James Terry by split decision (28-29, 29-28 x 2)
Freddie Aquitania defeats Josh Appelt by unanimous decision (29-28 x 3)
Sinjen Smith defeats Jason Powell by submission (armbar), Round 1
Benito Lopez defeats Oscar Ramirez by unanimous decision (30-27 x 2, 29-28)