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GSP's first thoughts post 2011 knee surgery were for Nick Diaz: "He's a motherf***er, man"

A new documentary, DNA of GSP, has been released. Covering former welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre in his build up to fighting Nick Diaz at UFC 158

Check out part 1 of this hour and a half long documentary, Takedown: The DNA of GSP, about UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre in his build up to fighting Nick Diaz at UFC 158. It's a great collection of behind the scenes footage of one of the greatest fighters to ever take to the cage. And it reveals a lot about a man who is largely known only for his calm public persona.

One of my favorite moments is at the very end of part 1, when St-Pierre goes in for knee surgery, shortly after watching Nick Diaz beat BJ Penn and call him out. And the first thing on Georges mind when he comes out of anesthetic, is getting the chance to fight Nick.

GSP: It hurts. My knee, it hurts.

Doctor: He said, the first thing he said was, "I'm going to kick Diaz's ass."

GSP: He's a motherfucker, man. He laugh now, "Yeah, yeah, he's finished." Wait for me to come back in a year, man. I'll fuck him up.

He says I took steroids. I never took, never took in my life, man. People don't believe that. Never took steroids in my life. Can't wait, man. That's why I told you I wanted to fight this guy so bad, so bad. I hate him so much. I hope he will win his fights all the way through, so I'll fight him again and beat him up.

People don't know I have a lot of demons in my head. But, I keep it inside because I'm nice. Some guys in mixed martial arts are completely insane. We're all a litle bit off, but some are like "pfoo." Like, me, I can fit in society normal and behave normal, you know? I can hide it. Some guys are like "pfaa."

And of course, not to leave you hanging, part 2 is embedded below. So, watch and enjoy.