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3 Way MMA: Pro-wrestling, martial arts movies, old school boxing and formative fighting fascinations

Kid Nate, Eugene S. Robinson and Dallas Winston bridge the generation gap to look back at their formative combat sports fascinations.

We're back!

Kid Nate, Eugene S. Robinson and Dallas Winston are all 3 together for a brand-new installment of The MMA 3 Way. This might be our most rambly, least topical episode ever.

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The general idea for the episode was to talk about the formative influences on us as fight fans, those epochal childhood exposures to vicarious mayhem that seeded our interest in fights and fighting, as fans.

Topics discussed include:

  • Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon, mma gloves and armbars and Nate meant to talk about Game of Death but didn't
  • Five Fingers of Death
  • Sonny Liston, Muhammad Ali, The Rumble in the Jungle, Leon Spinks and the Swedish Bleeder
  • Sugar Ray Leonard vs. Roberto Duran 2 aka the "No mas" fight and the whole great era of 80s middleweight boxers
  • The Funk Brothers, Mr. Wrestling I and II, Abdullah the Butcher and the Amarillo TX wrestling scene of the 70s
  • Rocky 3
  • Early Mike Tyson
  • Hitting a kid with an open 3 ring binder
  • Talking the parents into a Deliverance, Clockwork Orange double-feature
  • The Warriors
  • Taking Swedish royalty to see pro wrestling
  • Disapproving fathers who turn out to be serial sex abusers
  • Our first UFC (Nate was the last to the party)
  • Much much more!