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Royce Gracie reveals why he dislikes Eddie Bravo: It's the drugs

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie explains the genesis of his beef with Eddie Bravo.

Ethan Miller

UFC Hall of Famer Royce Gracie confronted celebrity grappler Eddie Bravo following the latter's rematch with Royce's brother Royler at Metamoris 3. Royce was a guest on Submission Radio and explained what's behind the animosity.

On why Royce approached Eddie Bravo after metamoris and what his issue with Eddie is.
"I did what every man should do when he has an issue with a person, talk face to face. I don't approve what he represents, you see it's nothing to do with the match with Royler, it's nothing to do with what with his jiu jitsu. It's what he endorses, I don't approve it. It's disrespectful toward the art of what my father created. We teach kids, so I don't endorse alcohol and I don't endorse drugs."

"My issue with him is simple. I don't like because he endorses (drugs). It's nothing to do with (which) jiu jitsu he uses, gi (or) no gi, it's because of what he endorses. We teach kids. His message out there is 'it's ok for you to do drugs'."

"I don't care (if) you say it was prescription drugs, well get a pound of pot and walk into a police station. You gonna get arrested."

"Once the guy endorses pot and endorses drinking, to me that's wrong because I have kids too. I don't want my kids involved with pot and I don't want my kids drinking and I did what every man should do if you have a problem, talk face to face with the person. What did he do? (Eddie Bravo) went to the internet saying "Oh my god I saw Royce trying to kick my ass, ohhh he wants to beat me up, poor me'."

On challenging Eddie Bravo to an MMA fight

"I never challenged him to an MMA fight."

"You guys are the ones that came up, you the media, that came up and said "do you wanna do a match with him?". I have no interest in doing a match with him unless he's MMA. I'm an MMA fighter. Yes, I do Jiu Jitsu for a living. My Jiu Jitsu is with the gi. It's the real style of Jiu Jitsu, it's with the gi and I fight MMA."