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Following UFC 172 win, Jon Jones takes to Instagram to taunt Phil Davis and Chuck Liddell

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The UFC Light Heavyweight champion has taken to social media to further enjoy his victory over Glover Teixeira and Phil Davis' loss to Anthony "Rumble" Johnson.


Revenge is a dish best served cold....and apparently on Instagram a few days following a fight. UFC Light Heavyweight champ Jon Jones has taken to social media to rub it in after UFC 172. His enemies list is expansive, covering his vanquished opponent Glover Teixeira's mentor Chuck Liddell as well as fellow UFC Light Heavyweight Phil Davis. Liddell had bragged during the build-up to the fight that he would have KO'd Jones back in his fighting days.

Davis' sins were more varied but mostly involved looking past his UFC 172 opponent Anthony Johnson and tearing into Jones himself at the pre-fight media events. Davis repeatedly accused Jones of ducking him and fellow LHW Alexander Gustafsson. Unfortunately for Davis, he dropped a one-sided unanimous decision loss to Rumble and is now far far away from getting a crack at Jones' title.

Here's what Jones posted on Instagram regarding Chuck Liddell:

Jones added the following comment to the pic, "Talking all that trash before the fight. you mad bro?:


For Davis, Jones posted a video excerpt on Instagram of the Davis-Johnson bout followed by some of his own head shaking and the pithy comment in text "Crumble me like a cookie?":