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TUF 20 Tryouts: 36 women vying for 8 spots, Claudia Gadelha and Juliana Lima officially out

Get the full list of fighters trying out for the all-female, all-strawweight season of The Ultimate Fighter this September. Also, rumors were going around, but we finally have confirmation that Claudia Gadelha and Juliana Lima will be out of TUF as well as a premiere date!

Esther Lin

A who's who of women's mixed-martial art talent was on display in Las Vegas for Dana White, Joe Silva and Sean Shelby.

Notables included Bellator, Invicta, Strikeforce, Cage Warriors, RFA, and even HookNShoot and Smackgirl veterans, such as Nina Ansaroff, Heather Jo Clark, Randa Markos, Justine Kish, Jessica Penne, Lisa Ellis, Aisling Daly, Michelle Ould and many more.

If this season was just using these 36 girls (including a get into the house fight) it would already be one of the most stacked seasons in Ultimate Fighter history. But, no. We get 8 more fighters, consisting of some of the elite of the elite at 115lbs, and... just Good Lord Almighty, this, at least on paper, is absolutely incredible.

Claudia Gadelha and Juliana Lima withdraw from TUF.

It's unfortunate that Jessica Aguilar, the number one strawweight, and Claudia Gadelha, my number two, will not be in the running to be crowned the inaugural UFC Strawweight Champion. As for Lima, I guess she didn't really 'withdraw' as I'm pretty sure she'd still be in it if it was up to her. But still, this season. Mhm, this season. Let's go.

And TUF 20 has a premiere date. September 10th 2014!

Auh. It's not even summer yet!

Here are the 36 fighters in alphabetical order via Wombat Sports (I bolded fighters I have ranked in my personal ranking)

Audrey Alvarez

Maria Andaverde

Nina Ansaroff

Chelsea Bailey

Kathina Catron

Angelica Chavez

Holly Cline

Heather Jo Clark

Aisling Daly

Sharice Davids

Lisa Ellis

Claire Fryer

Charlene Gellner

Paulina Granados

Helen Harper

Angela Hill

Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger

Justine Kish

Jennifer Liou

Kristi Lopez

Jillian Lybarger

Angela Magana

Randa Markos

Amy Montenegro

Melissa Myers

Michelle Ould

Jessica Penne

Tyra Parker

Mandy Polk

Diana Rael

Laura Salazar

Sarah Schneider-Chance

Tessa Rose Simpson

Danielle Taylor

Karina Taylor

Ashley Yoder

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