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UFC 172 results: Jon Jones earns unanimous decision over Glover Teixeira

Despite the lopsided odds, it took Jon Jones the entire five rounds to earn the unanimous decision win over Glover Teixeira.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

Headlining UFC 172, Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones took on Brazilian challenger Glover Teixeira. While many expected Jones to win quickly, that was not the case. Despite being mostly on the defensive. Glover lasted the entire five round affair. In the end, Jones was awarded the unanimous decision victory.

Opening up the fight, Glover pressured with hooks. He looked to open up the champ's defenses but couldn't find the mark. for his part, Jones wasn't able to get inside and score a takedown until late in the round. Teixeira returned to his feet quickly. With 30 seconds left, Jones landed a spinning back kick to the body.

Jones went for a takedown early in the second round, but couldn't hold Glover down. The two pawed at each other from the outside through the first half of the second round until Jones found an advantage in the clinch. The momentum was stopped as the ref broke the action for an eye poke from Jones. After the restart, Glover pressed Jones with a series of hooks. Glover found a couple of opportunities, but wasn't able to land significant damage against Jones.

In the third round, Jones seemed less hesitant on the feet. Instead of backing away from his opponent's shots he returned fire. Glover was able to defend the takedown attempt and land an uppercut. Through the middle of the round, Jones looked to use his size to put Glover into the fence. As the round came to a close, Glover unleashed a few devastating uppercuts to back up the champ.

To begin the fourth round, Jones looked to back Glover against the fence. The Brazilian did his best to respond with hard blows, but still wound up on the defensive. A jab from Jones knocked out Glover's mouth piece. An elbow from Jones opened a cut from Glover's nose. Glover hit a couple shots from the inside, but they appeared ineffective. The two traded blows with Glover's back against the fence. Jones pulled away from the fence before taking too much damage.

Going into the final round, Glover had a deep cut staunched by vaseline over his right eye. Jones opened up the round with a takedown into a front headlock. From there, Jones pressed Glover's back against the fence. They traded blows from clinch range before being separated so Glover's mouthpiece could be reinserted. Jones clinched up again and started trading in the pocket with Glover. He slowed the action with a clinch. They mostly traded blows within clinch range as the round ended.

Jon Jones scores the unanimous decision (50-45) over Glover Teixeira.