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UC 172 results: Takanori Gomi outworks Isaac Vallie-Flagg for uanimous decision victory

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The former Pride star battled against the former Strikeforce fighter at UFC 172. After three hard-fought round the Fireball Kid earned a unanimous decision win.

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In a feature bout of the FS1 prelims for UFC 172, Takanori Gomi took on Isaac Vallie-Flagg. The two went back and forth over three rounds in an exciting brawl. in the end, it was the "Fireball Kid" that came out on top with a unanimous decision victory.

Gomi took over early mixing up his wrestling and power shots throughout the first round. Vallie-Flagg struggled to find his rhythm and ended the round defending a weak choke attempt from Gomi. Vallie-Flagg struggled again in the second, but managed to take advantage of a slip from Gomi and win the round from top position. In the third, the two fighters went toe-to-toe. As the round ended, Gomi got the advantage as he opened up a cut and finished the round in dominant position to take the fight on all three judges' scorecard.