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UFC 172 opens with KOs from Danny Castillo and Chris Beal

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The UFC 172 highlights and GIFs are off to a roaring start. The opening fights saw two spectacular knockouts from the bantamweight and lightweight divisions.

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

UFC president Dana White promised the most-stacked card in company history for UFC 172. While skeptics reasonably disagreed, the event out of Baltimore, MD delivered in action in the opening fights. Check out these GIFs of the spectacular finishes from the first two fights.

In the sole UFC Fight Pass prelim, Bantamweight Chris Beal took on Patrick Williams. Beal was expected to struggle with Williams wrestling. He gave up a couple takedowns in the first, but left his opponent hesitant with stiff strikes. In the second round of their fight, Beal let loose a flying knee (GIF) that left Williams unconscious on the mat.

The opening fight of the Fox Sports 1 prelims saw Lightweight Danny Castillo facing off against Charlie Brenneman. Brenneman attempted to score some points in the first round with a pair of takedowns, but Castillo refused to be controlled. When the second round came about, he unleashed a vicious right hand (GIF) that sent Brenneman down and ended the fight.

All GIFs thanks to Zombie Prophet.