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UFC 172 results: Luke Rockhold chokes out Tim Boetsch in round 1

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It took 128 seconds for the former Strikeforce champ to secure a quick victory over the Barbarian as he locked on an inverted triangle choke.


Former Strikeforce Middleweight champ Luke Rockhold return to the Octagon at UFC 172 against Tim Boetsch. Boetsch dove in for a takedown early. Rockhold took the opportunity to secure an inverted triangle choke. Tim did his best to escape the submission but, Rockhold was eventually able to tighten up the choke and secure the submission victory.

In one of the oddest fight starts, Rockhold locked in an inverted triangle in the opening seconds of the fight. Boetsch struggled to find an escape or a safer position but was overwhelmed by the former champ's jiu-jitsu. The Barbarian struggled in the defensive position but was eventually forced to tap as Rockhold transitioned into a kimura.

Luke Rockhold submits Tim Boetsch at 2:08  of round 1.

Rockhold called out both Vitor Belfort, who recently scored a first round KO over him. He also asked for a fight against former-training partner Michael Bisping for personal reasons in his post-fight speech.